Friday, January 22, 2010



Ok, I am going to go on a full-bore gush posting here, I have made no secret of my deep, deep admiration for the visage and form of Romance Cover Model Nathan Kamp.

Want to see a blog just dedicated to his many, many covers? Click HERE

The man, is everywhere. Over exposed, some whine. No more than John DeSalvo was back in the Nineties, or Fabio in the Eighties. I say you go Nathan, before you get flabby (I doubt THAT will ever happen) and too wrinkled and baggy-eyed for the covers.

Look at those damned lips. Absolute perfection.
Stuff this buff bod in a kilt and slap a sword in his hand, or throw him a cowboy hat and tie those skin tight chaps on those muscular slim hips, he can do it all.
But no one can do the dark, brooding, handsome look like Nathan. No one. At least, not to me. Which makes him ideal for all those paranormal covers he does. (as shown with the Kresley Cole cover)

I can just imagine a 'day in the life' of Nathan. First, Shave that chest. Have a protein drink. Then, he gets a call, 'We are doing Highlander shots today, we have 15 different kilts, 10 different swords, 4 different wigs, a large fan to blow that tousled, thick hair, come on over, dude.'
Sigh, off to the salt mines...

A recent trend in Romance covers are the 'headless torso shots'. Can I just say, boo hiss? Ok, the occasional cover, but this is getting to be too much!
Some like them, 'they can imagine their own hero', they say, I can dig it.
But I do like it when the cover model matches the physical description of the author's hero just a little! I let my imagination run away with me.
And when that cover model is Nathan, I need no help at all for my imagination. NONE.
Do I picture him when I read the book?
Dang straight.

Never did I associate a hero with the cover model more so than I did with Anna Campbell's highly sensuous read, "Tempt the Devil" (2009, Avon Books)

Look at this cover, Nathan IS Julian, Lord Erith, London's most notoriously wanton rake. And he is. Julian is to die for, Anna's writing pulls you in, the seductive, tortured rake, and I was picturing Nathan all the way.
It worked.
Perfect meshing of the description of a hero and the visual.
Sexy symmetry that sizzles.

And don't get me started on the inside cover of this book.

I know, Anna is one of my favorites, but I do really recommend this book, she describes Julian as "hard and strong, like a huge tree, or a god from some ancient legend"

Yep. Nathan.

Overexposed? Perhaps.

But he must be doing something right, with all those covers, and damn it, he seems like a nice guy to boot, reading some interviews. Happily married, grounded, charity work. Too good to be true, LOL!
If you got it, flaunt it.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had another blog!
I don't read that many romances, but I have to agree with you, this guy has the dark, handsome, brooding thing going, I can see why he is on so many covers!


Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Thanks Jaundyce, just a little fun separate from the sims stuff, cheers!

And Yes, dark and brooding. It works.

Anna Campbell said...

Drew, you crack me up! Clearly I must have been drinking something when I came out with that particular description! Still, as you say, suits the gorgeous Nathan! Thanks for the plug for TTD! I'm delighted you liked it so much! And best of luck with the blog. This looks like a fun place to hang out so I'm sure I'll be avoiding the wip...uh, NETWORKING here a lot from now on!

Happy Australia Day!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Karyn/Drew...Lovely blog. But then I'm with you, anything with Nathan Kamp in or on it is worth studying in depth! Hey, did you know, Sandy Blair's A Highlander For Christmas cover has Nathan on the front, too?

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...


*fan girl moment* I swear, I flipped through my well dog-eared copy of TTD and it opened to that quote, LOL!

And I really did love this book, I pulled a near all-nighter with it, and as I said, pictured Nathan all the way. Such a great fit.
Dark, brooding, handsome AND cup runneth WAY over, LOL! Cheers and thanks so much for swinging by!!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Suzanne!!! *waves madly*

Oh, I am all a tingle some of the bandits are dropping in, where ARE those Irish houseboys of mine?? Drinks all around!
No, I didn't know that about the Highlander for Christmas, I heard some good things about that book, and Nathan on the cover, well...I'm sold!
There is a man born to be stuffed into a Kilt! LOL!

Cheers and thanks so much!

Anna Campbell said...

My pleasure, Drew. Did you know I've actually got TWO NK books? Untouched has him on the cover too! Yum!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

GET OUT!! I did not know that, "Untouched" is on my wish list! OK, you MUST get him for your new release in June, put him on speed-dial! Nathan, shave that chest...

Christie Kelley said...

Can I just say that I would LOVE him to be on my next book. My heroine is always going on about the hero's lips. That man is perfect!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...


Wow, more bandits!! Liam, more drinks!
I agree, those lips~KILL.
I love it in a book when the hero is described as having 'full, sensuous, kissable lips.', Oh yeah.
Though, the model on 'Something Scandalous' looks rather scrumptious!! Very 'John DeSalvo' with the flowing isn't it?