Thursday, June 6, 2013

CRIMSON ROMANCE BEST-SELLER! The Wicked Bad #bikerhero #badboy

Coming up on two months since my debut with Crimson Romance released, and it is still selling well. Thanks to all the readers who bought this! It is my first longer length novel (about 56,000 words) it has made the Crimson Romance top five best-sellers THREE times! Whee! And isn't that cover fantastic? Captures the book and hero and heroine perfectly!


Nick Crocetti is an imposing figure in black leather riding his motorcycle about the town of Rockland. Owner of a bar, The Chief, whispers of criminal dealings and a murky past swirl around him. Dark and brooding, Nick is “the wicked bad” in looks and demeanor.

Veronica Barnes, leaving a husband from a disastrously quick Las Vegas marriage and her high-paying consulting job, returns home after ten years to follow a lifelong dream and open her own bakery.

Despite the mutual physical attraction - and a shared past - Nick and Veronica are wary of each other and have protective fences around their hearts.

Can they break down the barriers of past heartbreak, or is Veronica just a good girl who longs to rub against “the wicked bad”?
Sensuality Level: Hot

Nick rides a motorcycle, but he is not part of a gang, nor is this story biker erotica. It's a category romance that is certainly spicy. I write hot, and things certainly heat up between Nick and Veronica.

I have a unfinished sequel (concerning secondary characters Lorcan and Julie) I doubt I will get a chance to focus on it until later this year, but the good news is that is 85% completed.

The Wicked Bad has been with me a few years, so I am so pleased it found a home!

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