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The Honor of an Heir

The Heirs of Aristocracy Book 7

by Linda Rae Sande

Genre: Historical Regency Romance 

They swore never to marry. But will the right suitors melt their hearts?

Fiercely independent and daughters of a wealthy countess, twins Dahlia and Diana have no desire to husband-hunt, despite their mother’s pleas. But when the ghost of their late father makes an appearance, he takes it upon himself to guide the girls into marriage – even if his presence will scare off potential suitors.

Caught cheating in one of their university courses, twin brothers Anthony and Andrew’s dreams of a Grand Tour are shattered when their father pulls the plug on their allowances. They had hoped to put marriage off as long as possible – but with their father withholding their allowances until they are wed, they have no choice but to face the daunting task of a lifelong commitment. There’s only one problem – although one of the brothers wants to marry, the other feels as if he‘s being forced to wed for money.

Brought crashing together by fate and aided by the girls’ late father, both pairs of twins must learn to see through their differences and get along. But marriage is no easy decision, and it will take more than a miracle to convince these sisters to tie the knot.

Are the twins a match made in Heaven? Or will the girls’ independence and the brothers’ lack of a fortune serve to drive them apart?

Artfully blending a beautiful 19th-century backdrop with all the classic charm of British aristocratic life, this scintillating historical romance novel by bestselling author Linda Rae Sande is a delightful read that’s perfect for anyone looking for their next emotional fix. Scroll up and grab your copy now…

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From the threshold of the parlor in which the argument was taking place, Clarinda, Countess of Norwick, regarded her identical twin daughters with a look of resignation. She did that often given their propensity to vex her. 

At least she could tell them apart—most could not. Dahlia Davida bore a slight scar on her neck from when her sister had scratched her, and Diana Dorothea, who preferred to be called Danielle because the man she knew as her father was named Daniel, tended to hold her left hand in a fist as if she needed to punch someone. 
“Whatever has you two arguing now?” Clarinda asked as her own fists went to her hips. She decided she needed to appear more determined. 
More battle-ready. 
Girls were trouble.
Twin girls were double the trouble.
Dealing with double the trouble meant girding her loins.
Dahlia and Danielle turned to face her, immediately silenced upon seeing their mother’s stance. 
“Something important, Mother,” Dahlia replied. 
“Terribly important,” Danielle agreed.
Clarinda blinked. Well, they apparently agreed on something. “Out with it.”
“It’s about making love,” Dahlia stated.
“What’s involved, exactly,” Danielle added. “I’m quite sure I know, but Davy seems to think otherwise.” She directed a glare in Dahlia’s direction. “She claims she read all about it in one of Father’s books.”
“I didn’t just read about it,” Dahlia argued. “I examined all the color plates. They were quite instructive.”
Clarinda blinked. So much for battle. 
Glancing toward the sideboard, Clarinda had a thought to pour herself a glass of brandy before she dared attempt to answer the girls. Instead, she motioned the twins to take seats near the fireplace and rang for tea.
Perhaps she would merely add some brandy after the maid brought the tea service.
“First, I must ask why you’re even discussing this,” Clarinda said as she moved to her favorite floral upholstered chair. “Has one of you accepted an offer of marriage without telling me?”
The twins shook their heads in unison. “If lovemaking involves bending over a library table with my naked bum pressed against some man’s bare frontside, then I shall insist Father give me my dowry so I can go on a permanent holiday to Italy,” Danielle announced. “I’ll have none of that.”

Settling back into the velvet squabs, Anthony regarded Dahlia for a moment, now worried the ghost might have had a conversation or two with his mother. He sighed. “He had a long talk with me, too, although he didn’t mention the insipid miss.”
“When was this?” she asked in alarm.
“He left only a moment ago. Just... disappeared.”
She sighed. “He does that.”
“Well, he is a ghost,” Anthony remarked.
Her eyes once again rounded. “You know that?”
Wincing, Anthony nodded. “I probably should be petrified with fear, but I find the old coot rather interesting.”
“Old coot?” she repeated in disbelief. “Aren’t you worried that he’ll... he’ll—?”
“Haunt me?” Anthony finished for her. “What do you think he’s been doing these past few days?”
It was Dahlia’s turn to wince. “I’m so sorry.” When she noted his furrowed brows, she added, “This is all my fault.” She couldn’t help the sob that accompanied her words. She’d been attempting to swallow it since stepping into the coach.
“May I join you?” he asked as he nodded to the bench upon which she sat. 
She nodded and scooted over to give him room to sit next to her. 
“Why do you think that?” he asked, his arm resting on the squabs behind her shoulders so he could sit closer to her.
“I should never have looked at that damned book,” she whispered. 
He leaned over and kissed her on her temple. “Now I know you’re upset,” he whispered. “You so rarely curse,” he added when she gave him a quelling glance. “I take it you are referring to the book about sexual congress?”
Dahlia gasped. “Did my father tell you about that, too?” she whined as her face bloomed with color.
Chuckling, Anthony said, “Actually, your sister did.” When he saw anger in her eyes, he added, “Don’t be cross with her. I’m glad she did. Otherwise, how would I know about your fear of the marriage bed? You certainly weren’t going to inform me.”
“I’m not supposed to know about such things,” Dahlia countered. 
“But now that you do know a thing or two, is that the real reason you don’t wish to marry me?”
“I never said I don’t wish to marry you,” Dahlia countered. When she saw his look of confusion, she added, “I just didn’t wish for us to have to ... negotiate.”
Anthony straightened, deciding it best he not respond to the comment about negotiating, at least not yet. “Well, you’ve certainly vexed your father,” he accused.
“Good, because he’s done nothing but make matters worse,” she complained on a huff.
“Careful what you say, or he might haunt you for the rest of your life,” Anthony warned. 

A self-described nerd and lover of science, Linda Rae spent many years as a published technical
writer specializing in 3D graphics workstations, software and 3D animation (her movie credits include SHREK and SHREK 2). Getting lost in the rabbit holes of research has resulted in historical romances set in the Regency-era as well as Ancient Greece. A fan of action-adventure movies, she can frequently be found at the local cinema. Although she no longer has any fish, she follows the San Jose Sharks. She is a member of Novelists, Inc. (NINC) and makes her home in Cody, Wyoming.

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Duke's Bluestocking by Josie Bonham @rararesources @ERomNews @BonhamJosie #Historical #Regency


The Duke’s Bluestocking

Temptation like never before for the fashion-loving bluestocking when she meets an unconventional duke.

Headstrong Grace Bamford is determined to remain unwed and keep her independence. Which means interesting, marriageable men are best avoided. Her classical studies and philanthropy are more important to her than a husband and a lot safer.

Angus Medley's life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly inherits a dukedom. He is wrenched from the career he loves as an Edinburgh advocate to take up responsibility for the Duchy of Evesham and the people relying on it for their livelihoods.

Grace rescues Angus from a knife-wielding attacker outside the London orphanage she helps to run. He dismisses the attack as a failed robbery but Grace suspects foul play. Is someone from Angus's past trying to kill him? Grace offers to help him investigate, concerned for his safety, even though it means spending time with the most attractive man she has ever met.

Marriage is the last thing on Angus's mind as he grapples with his new responsibilities and his hidden enemy, until he falls in love with Grace. Will Grace find the courage to follow her heart?

Georgette Heyer meets Mary Balogh in this romantic adventure.

Author Bio –

About Josie Bonham

Josie lives in the English midlands, surrounded by towns full of history such as Evesham, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick and Worcester. Which is perhaps why her favourite reads are historical. Out of all the periods to choose from the Regency Era stirs her imagination the most. The true Regency lasted from 1811 until 1820 but dates as wide as 1789 to 1837 have been included in the extended Regency period. For Josie the true flavour of this period emerges after the iniquitous hair powder tax of 1795, unsurprisingly, scuppered the fashion for hair powder almost overnight.

Josie has always dabbled in stories but it took the combined efforts of her sister and eldest niece to set her on the path to writing novels. Her Regency romances, with a dash of adventure and intrigue, are the result.

There is more information on her website at


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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Secrets, Scandals, and Seduction Boxset by Various Authors #HistoricalRomance @ERomNews #Giveaway



Secrets, Scandals, & Seduction

A Historical Romance Boxset

Desiring a Duke? Craving a Cowboy? Longing for a Laird?

This sweet and steamy collection of historical romance will transport you to a time when gentlemen were plentiful, and every scoundrel capable of seduction possessed a heart waiting to be uncovered.

Hidden identities, scandalous secrets, second chances, and happily ever afters fill this boxed set of more than 15 standalone romances, guaranteed to make you swoon.

Each unique tale in the Secrets, Scandals, and Seduction Boxed Set delivers a stand-alone story that fans of Julia Quinn, Diana Gabaldon, and Lorraine Heath are certain to love.

How do you capture a man’s heart… A lady never tells.

Authors included in this set are Lynn Donovan, Sofie Darling, Alyssa Drake, Emily E K Murdoch, Cat Cahill, A.S. Fenichel, Marie Higgins, Robyn DeHart, Christine Sterling, Linda Rae Sande, Adara Luann, Sophia Smith, C.K. O'Connor, Marianne Spitzer, and Rose Pearson

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Infidelity Curse by Barbara Monajem @ERomNews @BarbaraMonajem #Giveaway #HistoricalRomance



The Infidelity Curse

Perilous Secrets Book 3

by Barbara Monajem

Genre: Historical Romance

The death of her cruel husband means freedom at last for Lucretia Tifton—until she learns that the guardian he chose for her longed-for baby is the latest in a line of earls known for separating their children from unfaithful wives. The elusive new earl is certain to hear the gossip about Lucretia. Will he believe it and prove to be as heartless as his ancestors?

Giles, the Earl of Netherbroke, wants nothing more than to work in his London shop, building furniture with beautiful marquetry finishes. If unexpectedly inheriting the earldom isn’t bad enough, now he’s saddled with an unwanted guardianship. What’s worse, the baby’s mother is the loveliest woman he’s ever seen.

Giles is almost certain Lucretia is an adulteress—and the more he learns about her, the more he understands why she might have betrayed her husband. Nevertheless, he is determined not to succumb, like his ancestors, to the Infidelity Curse.

But then Lucretia is suddenly in danger, and the only way to protect her is to make her his.

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Setup: At the reading of Sir Matthew Tifton’s will, all is going well, except for the unpleasant presence of Sir Matthew’s nephew, Mr. Welton, who has already disrupted the proceedings twice. And then…


“There remains the question of guardianship, which is somewhat unusual,” Mr. Briggs, the solicitor, said.

Oh, God. Lucretia hadn’t thought of that.

“Sir Matthew appointed the Earl of Netherbroke as guardian of his child.” He paused. “Also as trustee, jointly with myself.”

“What the devil? I am meant to be the guardian!” Mr. Welton sprang up. “And the sole trustee, damn you!”

“Mr. Welton, if you cannot restrain yourself,” Mr. Briggs said, “Lady Tifton will be obliged to ask her footman to remove you.”

“Pah! She wouldn’t dare,” Welton said, “not with what I know about her.” He jabbed an accusing finger at Lucretia.

She shrank away. What could he possibly know? She’d never done anything wrong, except . . .

Welton couldn’t know about Johnny Magee. He lived in London and was nowhere near Sussex when the baby was conceived.

“Who,” Noelle demanded, “is the Earl of Netherbroke?”

“He is an elderly peer who lives in Gloucestershire,” Lucretia said. “Sir Matthew and the Earl of Netherbroke were enthusiastic medal collectors. They met once at an auction and corresponded for a short while well over a year ago. Sir Matthew’s passion for marquetry was due to the Earl’s influence. I suppose my husband decided, judging by a brief acquaintance and some expensive furniture from the shop the Earl recommended, that the Earl would make a suitable guardian.” Fury swelled within her, but she strove to keep it from her voice. Surely a doddering earl was better than horrid Mr. Welton.

Mr. Briggs nodded. “Most likely due to his position in society.”

“Society be damned. My uncle feared for his life and the safety of his child.” Welton’s spittle flew. “He knew his precious wife had cuckolded him over and over, and then she tried to poison him with her noxious brews. What sort of mother would she be?”

Aghast, Lucretia clapped a hand to her breast. “No, no! I made him tisanes of healing herbs.” Her voice trembled. “He was ill. I tried to cure him!”

“Hah! You would claim that, wouldn’t you—but you don’t deny that you cuckolded him.”

Before Lucretia could gain control of her voice, he turned to Jellicoe, the valet. “You know all about this, don’t you? Sir Matthew valued you. He confided in you, didn’t he?”

“Yes, sir, he did,” Jellicoe said. “He believed Lady Tifton was trying to kill him. He feared the consequences to the child’s immortal soul if it was left to its mother’s care.”

Welton shook his fist at Lucretia. “You killed him because he was going to change his will. No. More likely he had already changed it, using the services of a more competent solicitor than this fellow. And then you burned it so no one would ever know.”

Lucretia quailed, shaking her head. “No, that’s not true.”

“You’re a whore and a murderess,” he shouted. “You may try to cozen the Earl of Whatshisname, but you won’t succeed. I’ll do whatever it takes to see that he takes the child away from you. You’ll be lucky if you don’t hang!”

A dark cloud swept over Lucretia. She opened her mouth to protest, but no words came, and she fainted dead away.


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Barbara Monajem grew up in western Canada. She wrote her first story in third grade about apple tree gnomes. After dabbling in neighborhood musicals and teen melodrama, she published a middle-grade fantasy when her children were young. Now her kids are adults, and she writes historical and paranormal romance and mystery for grownups. She lives in Georgia, USA , with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and mostly feline strays.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Scandal's Redemption by Pamela Gibson @pamgibsonwrites @ERomNews #Giveaway #NewRelease #Historical



Scandal's Redemption

The Scandal Series Book 5

by Pamela Gibson

Genre: Historical Regency Romance 

Lady Jocelyn Stafford desperately needs a husband to repair her tarnished reputation. Her obvious choice is her neighbor James, a man who once fancied her. If only she hadn’t cruelly rejected his attentions when she found herself wooed by a scandalous rake with a better title.

James Margrave, Earl of Seaton, must have an heir to keep his estate from falling into the hands of his cousin, which means he has to marry. Lady Jocelyn, who still beguiles him, would be perfect if only he could forget old slights. Instead, James asks Jocelyn to help him find a suitable wife, a task she agrees to perform, hoping to redeem herself in his eyes.

When a series of attacks put James’s life in danger, an immediate marriage becomes critical. Jocelyn is willing and available. But can he trust a woman who once broke his heart and is it fair to wed her when she might become the next victim?

Goodreads * Amazon

He didn’t kiss her. Not at first. He stroked her cheek with his knuckles, staring into her eyes as if he could discover all her secrets there. His palm opened and moved down to the back of her neck, raising goose bumps. When he traced the rise of her breasts above her neckline with his forefinger—his gaze never leaving hers—she tingled all the way to her toes.

     Parting her lips slightly, she inched so close she imagined his mouth on hers, even though they weren’t touching. When his lips did settle over hers, she closed her eyes and pressed her body against his. The hard ridge of his erection nudged her core, bringing a delicious ache that swept over her until she was a maelstrom of need. She wanted his lips on her face, her neck, her breasts. She wanted to feel his skin beneath her palms, not the fabric of his coat.

     But they were in a formal receiving room with the door open, fully clothed, close to a night footman stationed in the hall.

     Footsteps echoed down the hall. They jumped apart at the same time, and Jocelyn stifled nervous laughter behind her palm.

     James grinned. “I won’t say I’m sorry. I thoroughly enjoyed that kiss and look forward to more.” His eyes danced with mischief. “But not in such a public place.”

     “At least Roberts wasn’t sitting in the corner with her embroidery.”

     He chuckled, enfolded her once again in his arms, and rested his chin on the top of her head, as if reluctant to let her go. “I am happy we aren’t waiting until summer to be wed. I might try to persuade you to anticipate the wedding night otherwise.”

     She laughed against his shoulder, still clinging to him. His observation did not make her blush. She was beyond maidenly embarrassment. She wanted him. Her body was desperate for him. When had she become so wanton?

     Reluctantly, she shifted back to gaze at his face, not wanting to miss a single expression. “Perhaps you should consider a special license.”

     He tilted his head in amusement. “Your mother will be disappointed because we are not going to have a big London wedding. She would be devastated if our wedding was a simple service in front of our vicar. As it is, the chapel at the castle is quite a comedown from St. George’s.”

     “You’re right. I suppose I shall have to tamp down my ardor and comport myself with patience and dignity.”

     Oh, if only she could.

**Don't miss the rest of the series here!**

Scandal's Child

The Scandal Series Book 1

Goodreads * Amazon

(recently just got it's 1000th review on Goodreads!)

Scandal's Bride

The Scandal Series Book 2

**Get it FREE May 19-21!**

Goodreads * Amazon

Scandal's Promise

The Scandal Series Book 3

Goodreads * Amazon

Scandal's Deception

The Scandal Series Book 4

Goodreads * Amazon

Author of eight books on California history and eighteen romance novels, Pamela Gibson is a former City Manager who lives in the Nevada desert. Having spent the last few years messing about in boats, a hobby that included a five-thousand-mile trip in a 32-foot Nordic Tug, she now spends most of her time indoors happily reading, writing, cooking and keeping up with the antics of Ralph, the Rescue Cat. She loves dry red wine, all kinds of chocolate, old Jimmy Buffet sailing songs, and curling up with a good book.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: A Scot is Not Enough by Gina Conkle #Giveaway @ERomNews #Scottish #HistoricalRomance



A Scot Is Not Enough

Scottish Treasures Book 2

by Gina Conkle

Genre: Historical Scottish Romance 

Gina Conkle’s newest stunning romance in her Scottish Treasures series features a fierce Scotswoman eager to break the rules and the man who vows to stop her.

A Gentleman of Virtue

Decent and ambitious, Alexander Sloane is finally a finger’s breadth from achieving the government post he’s worked towards for years. A minor task monitoring Bow Street funds for the Crown is his final hurdle. But he discovers more than he bargains for when his assignment leads him to the most captivating woman in London.

A Woman of Questionable Repute

Cecelia MacDonald has one mission: find and steal the sgian duhb, the ceremonial dagger taken from her clan by British soldiers during the Uprising of 1745. The coy and clever Scotswoman has never had any trouble using men to do her bidding and she’s enjoying the cat and mouse game she’s playing with the delectable Alexander. But when a mutual enemy proves deadly, she must rely on him for more than flirtation to gain the dagger.

An Explosive Partnership

As Alexander and Cecilia become unlikely allies, their desire for each other overwhelms them. When shocking secrets come to light, will Alexander realize loving the wrong woman is the right thing to do?

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“Look,” she said softly, her elegant fingers touching the glass. “The fireworks are still burning, which means you have the final question.”

Smoke clung to the sky above Vauxhall. Within the fading cloud, embers sparked, little stars flickering their last. Her offer was an act of kindness so their meeting wouldn’t end on rocky notes. Her gaze sought his. She was a true artisan in the craft of humanity. Her flirtations, her laugh, her smiles were all part of a woman of incredible depth.

“You tempt me in the best and worst of ways, Miss MacDonald.”

Of all the women to crave, he’d chosen her—a seductive Jacobite with a worthy heart.

“The fireworks,” she whispered. “Their light is fading.”

He consumed the shadow between her small breasts. Asking to see them wouldn’t do, not with the considerable respect his soul was building for this woman. But he wanted—needed—something to sate his carnal nature.

His gaze ascended to her silken collarbone and the pale skin covering it.

“Your shoulder,” he demanded gruffly. “I want to see it.”

Knowing glittered in hazel eyes.

“Ask for it.”

Jagged air left his lungs. Power was hers and he ceded all of it.

“Would you . . . please . . . uncover your shoulder?”

The corners of her mouth curled up.

“Uncover it yourself.”

What a seductive taunt. She could drive a man to his knees.

His laugh was rough and primitive. “You multiply my pleasure.”

Casual onlookers on the other side of King Street might see a man and a woman framed by a window. Sharper eyes would say seduction was afoot, but the keen observer would see the truth—a man surrendering to a woman.

He touched the tiny well at the bottom of her neck. So light, so bare, two reverent fingers, exploring.

Miss MacDonald inhaled fast.

The wispy sound struck sparks inside him. At least he wasn’t alone in his arousal.

Moonlight splashed her breastbone, a fascinating stretch between neck and bodice. Potent. Enamoring. He dragged his fingers down her chest, and she kindly let him have his misdirection.

He was sinking deeper and deeper, consumed.


Gina's fate was sealed when her mom read aloud the poem, The Highwayman—the perfect historical romance hook. But, Gina grew up in California where no dukes or Vikings live. She always did prefer stone castles over sand castles and books over beaches.

Years ago, she fell in love with her favorite hero, Brian, and they eloped to Vegas at midnight. Together, they raised two sons who like history almost as much as their mom.

Nowadays, Gina pens sparkling Georgian romance with a dash of Scots or Viking romance with heat and adventure. When she's not writing, you can find her wandering a museum or with her nose in a book.

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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