Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes a new month, and I thought I would have a little more fun with some covers of new releases for the month of May.

I will start out with...what else, Highlanders.

I love them, big brawny laddies with arms that could crush watermelons, like this guy. WOW, major armage going on there. Heck, this guy could crush coconuts with those biceps!

And always with the sword close by, and the obligatory swath of Tartan. And the lovely lassie nestled in close to his very masculine core...*ahem*

moving on...

Ok, this must be big, brawny, laddie month, another stunning
example of gorgeous, big, veiny, muscular arms.

I admire a lean musculature on a man, but I admit, I love the big guys, a chest large enough you could eat a huge meal off of it. Arms that look like they could burst out of a tight fitting shirt. Yes, I go for that, to a point. Now, 'The Hulk' does nothing for me, nor do some of those overstuffed wrestler types, but the model on this cover?

Oh yeah. *drool*

Love the colors on this cover, from the tartan to the setting sun, and oh yes, he is gripping his sword. *ahem* moving on...

EDIT: After examining this cover VERY closely, I am going to go with my gut instinct and say that is Paul Marron's yummy torso and arms on display.

Can I say I LOVE the title to this book? Nothing like laying it all out there!
Do I want to be "Ravished by a Highlander"???

In my sweatiest, fevered dreams! Heck YES!

An example of the leaner musculature I was talking about, love the hand reaching for the sword, gorgeous, long tapered fingers.

Again, Once in a while, can't we please see the face? Would it kill you to show us the face??

I think, for the title alone, I am getting this book.

'Ravished' and 'Highlander' in the same sentence is a must-buy for me!

Oh heck, let's continue with the theme , 'Arms and Swords' 'month!

This is a cover of a paranormal, you could slap a tartan on this guy and it's a Highlander cover!

At least, we see a bit more of the face, handsome devil, in a rugged way.

Always love a cleft in the chin.


I don't know what it is, I love a man wielding a BIG sword. Maybe it speaks to some ancient, primal thing.
Love it.

Another paranormal, another massive bicep flexing, yes, this is big honking arms month, OK by me!

But I must say, I am really getting tired of these half-head, or no head shots.

It is really becoming the norm.
I want to see some eyes!

Oh my Goodness, an actual front-on, full face shot!!

Shock the monkey!

And isn't this the prettiest man you have seen lately?

Dear heaven, he is breathtaking! Those lips could rival Nathan Kamp's. And again, the adorable cleft in the chin.

When I was young, I had a rule, never go out on a date with a man prettier than yourself. Or who's rear end is smaller than yours. I know, it is a wonder I ever got married.

But my rules worked, hubby is not a pretty boy but rather rugged and is built like a line-backer.

But I can admire pure, unfettered male beauty when I see it, and this model has it in spades.


Instead of Nathan Kamp, I thought I would concentrate on my second favorite model, Paul Marron.

Besides, Nathan is only on one or two covers this month and I didn't care for them.

This, however, is a stunning cover. The Cover Gods were smiling down on Vanessa Kelly for this one.

We get to see his face! His whole, stunning body!!
Those long, muscular legs oh so snug in those tight breeches and the boots for stunning effect!

And yes, the obligatory open shirt with the impressive chest on full display.

I love where the female model's hand is reaching, I don't bloody blame her, I would be hanging off him like a cloak.
"Let me loosen that tight belt, my lord..." Yeah.

Paul is appearing on more and more covers. I say, yes! And I would love more full-length covers like this, let's see the whole package! Not just the abs!



PJ said...

Lovely post, Karyn. ::Grin:: I'll take one Seducing the Highlander, please. Yum!

Deb said...

Ooh, drool city! Great post, Karyn. Love those Highlanders, y'know.

Deb said...

P.S. I am not crazy about the headless pics, either. Author Emily Bryan says the reason is for the reader to add their own image or face. I don't want to a lot of the time; I want to see a face.

Suzanna said...

I see I'm not the only one intrigued by the "His Border Bride" cover - it did make the top of your blog post, after all, above your boys. :) There's just something about it that grabs my attention more than anything else out there right now. If I had to pick a favorite cover, that one would be it! (I'll have to grab the book the next time I'm on the Harlequin site.)

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Thanks PJ! Oh yeah, Highlanders, wow.
Yum, indeed, Cheers!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Deb, I know, we are part of the 'Kilt Klub' after all, *snort*

Yeah, I get that about imagining your own hero, but just an occasional cover is enough. This is getting crazy, and we are not alone, a lot of people said at my Borders blog they preferred to see the model.
But Publishers seem to think Abs are enough. Maybe they did a study, not with us, obviously!
Cheers Deb!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Hey Suzanna!

How are you? LOL! I just ordered "His Border Bride" this weekend, Harlequin had free shipping on any order!! That cover grabbed my attention as well, in fact, I like HH covers, at least they show the whole model!!

And Woot! I just won "Sex and The Single Earl" So I can drool over Paul Marron AND have a good read, heard good things about this book!


Anonymous said...

lol! Love this, yes, I can see where Highlanders can appeal, maybe I should give these books a try too!