Monday, June 14, 2010


This is my "Rebel Yell" moment. I am not usually a whiner or a serial complainer, but I do have a few things that have been simmering on slow-burn on that back burner.

I have been romance blogging since last fall. All in all, it has been fun. Really. For the most part.

Before I start my hormonal harangue, I will not be naming any names or pointing any fingers and anyone specifically.

Since last fall, I have won a lot of books at various blogs, truly, I have been very lucky *knock wood*

And in all those dozens of books, I only did not receive one. That is a pretty good percentage. That one book? Never got it, the author never answered my emails. Thanks. What did that do? Her name is etched on my brain as a 'Do Not Buy' in any future purchases I may make. Not sure that is quite the impression she wanted to make, but she did.

What is the etiquette when you win a book? Should the author send you an email saying, 'I got your info, I will be sending it out?' I find it is about 50/50 split. How long do I wait before I send an email saying 'where is my book?'. I give it about a month or a little more, personally, people have 'Real Lives' outside blogging. Plus I know the author is spending her hard earned money to mail out this free book, I can be patient. And let's face it, postage can be brutal. I got a book recently from an Australian author, and that poor woman spent 10.00 Aussie dollars mailing that to me in Canada. Wow. Thank you.

Another author was late mailing a book to me, she sent an email apologizing, and when I got the book? She included another title in the package for waiting. Wow. This authors name is also etched in my brain as well, as an 'auto buy'. It is the little touches that go a long way. I received a book recently I just won and the author must have included 6-7 big glossy postcards and 5-6 bookmarks. Sure, she is flogging her books, (or cleaning out her drawers) but again, it is the little extras that impress.

Wait a minute. I was supposed to be ranting, when did this veer off into a group hug?

Back to my Rebel Yell.

Have you noticed that the really big selling romance authors rarely go on 'blog tours'? Guess they don't have to, their books sell automatically. But the rare time they do, they don't offer any free books as a giveaway?? Hello?
I figured these ladies, the multi-million selling authors would be MORE generous than some new author out there making the rounds.
After all, we the readers are the ones who put her at the top of all those best selling lists. She has made some money. (And lets face it, only a select few are making the big bucks here in Romance writing) I just assumed these authors would be a little grateful. Dangle a free book. Nope. And I have seen this more than once. Ok, these big selling authors do have their own blogs and/or websites and some offer giveaways there, to be fair to these famous ladies. But why not when they deem to visit another blog besides their own?
I know, nit-picky.

And if you are going to go on a 'blog tour', and people leave comments, asking questions or whatever at a certain blog, can you at least acknowledge or respond to these comments? Why tour if you are not going to come back and discuss your book with people who are leaving comments? I know you are offering a free book, and that's great, but a little interaction is needed. And appreciated.

And if you are running your own blog, wouldn't the same thing apply? Acknowledging people's comments or questions? I saw someone say, 'I work, I don't have time...' Then, why are you blogging? Get some help.

And while I am on the subject of blogs, what about the blog posts offering a free book!! If only you comment!! Then, a few weeks go by, no winner is announced. You send an email to the 'blog administrator', and you receive no reply. A month goes by, people leave comments "is there a winner?" Nothing. Wow. Nice going. Way to run a romance blog.

Or what about the blogs that offer a free book, leave your email address in the post (I don't care for that) and we will contact the winners! Oh really? How do we know anyone won? The Winners are never posted, never acknowledged publicly at the blog. Yes, color me suspicious and cynical all in the same breath.

Now, in defense of the people that run blogs and offer free books as giveaways, I know this is done at your own expense and in your spare time, believe me, it is appreciated. It really is. And there are some awesomely run and efficient and entertaining romance blogs out there. In fact, they make up the majority from what I can see. But there is always a few bad apples in the barrel in any situation that can sour the mix.
And I know it can be frustrating for people that run blogs when the book offered for a drawing is not claimed. One blog said any unclaimed books will be up for a random draw using the names of frequent commenters. Seemed fair to me, some didn't like it. You can't please everyone. Obviously, why else would I be ranting?

All in all, the romance community is generous and open, the authors accessible, the blogs fun and entertaining. So forgive me if I had to scrape this off my plate, I feel better now that I had a 'Rebel Yell' moment.
And I am anxious to go visit some romance blogs. And who knows, get in the middle of a fun and interesting discussion and maybe, win a book.
And I swear, I am feeling better already, because as I said, the examples listed are the exception, not the rule. But I felt it had to be said.
Whew! Have a good week!

*Rebel Yell completed*


Deb said...

Wow, this is exactly how I feel, Karyn! I take the time out of my day to go to a blog site and comment or ask a question and the author doesn't respond to anyone's comments. That is downright rude and ungrateful. There is one blog site where most of the authors will respond to you, except one or two, and yet they respond to others' comments, so I feel that my comment wasn't good enough or worthy enough to have a response.

The Romance Dish and Romance Bandits are so AWESOME! They respond to everyone and have a great time doing so. I have never met any of them in person, but feel like each one is a friend. The Goddess Blogs are like that, too.

In the books I've won, I am grateful. Those authors deserve to be paid for their wonderful work and yet they are sending out freebies. I bow to them in respect for thinking so much of their readers.

Karyn Gerrard said...

Deb, you bring up a great point, our time is just as precious to us as anyone running a blog, or an author who visits one. And I hear you about authors only acknowledging certain comments. It is only human nature to be upset at having your question ignored. heck, I have.

You bring up two great examples of how romance blogs should be run. The ladies all seem friendly and they acknowledge comments. Means a lot, guess that is why we keep going back. I have never checked out the 'Goddess Blog', or have I? I will google it.

And oh yes, Like I said, Only once in all the dozens I won, have I not received a book, the authors are kind and generous, like the examples I stated.
Thanks for commenting on my rant, LOL!! I won't do it often, I promise!

Anonymous said...

I Like that your rant also had some very complimentary things to say about romance authors and blogs.
The good with the bad, and sometimes, the ugly. Well put.


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