Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello! I have been back a few days, but have been finding it hard to get back in the swing of things, this coming week, I hope. I have read quite a few books while away on vacation, I will be posting a review of my TOP BEACH READ in a few days. It was a real tough choice, as I read sooooo many excellent books this summer!

My first review for "THE SEASON" blog was posted, click here to read my review on 'THE PIRATE" by Katherine Garbera. This was interesting as Romance/Suspense is not a fav of mine, but, I enjoyed the book, and drool over the model on the cover. Yow.

I will also freshen up the blog a bit this coming week.

I have some books I must read for "The Season" I chose five books for October, I am wondering if that was too many, will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I hope all had a relaxing, pleasant summer.




Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful read, lack of passion at the beginning is no hardship for me, as long as there is SOME in the book, and you say it grows, I like that! Taris sounds wonderful as well, good review!


Anonymous said...

Eep! Put this in the wrong spot!