Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Norse King's Daughter By Sandra Hill

Avon Books September 27 2011

384 pages by Sandra Hill

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Princess Scorned!

Princess Drifa can certainly see why Sidroc Guntersson is a living legend— on battlefield and in bedchamber both. But the King of Stoneheim’s willful daughter pitches a royal fit when she learns of the true reason for the virile Viking’s passionate attentions. A third-born son with no hope of inheriting the family jarldom, scheming Sidroc must marry and is interested in Drifa only for her father’s land and money. The barbarian is lucky she just cracks him on his fool head with a pottery pitcher!

Five years later, Drifa needs Sidroc’s protection— in Byzantium, no less!—though revenge holds more appeal for this man she left for dead. ’Tis a pity two such perfect enemies match each other so well, passion for passion. So much so that the bold Viking berserker is soon thinking marriage again . . . only this time it will be on his terms!

I have read a few Sandra Hill's before and enjoyed them for their lighthearted humor and hot love scenes. There is certainly that here with 'The Norse King's Daughter", in fact, I had to fan myself a few times, wow, this read like a steamy erotica. I was pleasantly surprised.

Love the cover, captures Sidroc and Drifa perfectly. A brief courtship is what Sidroc Guntersson has planned, he thoroughly enchants the Norse King's daughter Drifa with his desirous kisses and experienced hands. He has marriage on his mind, a quick marriage. Drifa is suitably thrilled and looking forward to it until she overhears Sidroc confide to his friend he truly covets Drifa's father's land and money, the bedsport will be a bonus.

Drifa seethes over this development, and perhaps is hurt as well. She had hoped the handsome, virile Viking was interested in her, not her dowry. She wants to be loved for the woman she is. Next time she sees Sidroc, she lets him have it with a pottery pitcher putting him in a temporary coma.

Five years pass, (yes this shift in the story was a little jarring) and life has moved on for both of them. In a sub-plot, Sidroc was married before his courtship of Drifa, the widower also needed a mother for his baby daughter, something he neglected to mention. Through a twist in fate, Drifa winds up with the baby, adopting the child to protect it. It is one of those plot devices you just accept and move on. In that five years, Sidoc has been off fighting in full Viking mode, Drifa did try to find him to tell him she had his daughter. In all these five years, Sidroc believed the baby was dead.

Passion and irritation spark as the two meet at the court in Byzantium. Drifa is now thirty years of age and past her prime as bride material. She has lived a quiet life raising her daughter Runa and tending to her garden. Sidroc is your stereotypical Viking warrior, massive and muscular in all the right places, fierce and brave, stubborn and sexy to a fault. While Sidroc had a certain barbaric appeal, I felt we never got a glimpse at his deeper feelings and motivations. I suppose one could argue he is a medieval Viking, he is what he is.

There is a lot of verbal sparring that amused me, Sandra Hill does have a way with humor. Just at the point when all this arguing was starting to annoy me, Drifa decides out of the blue she is tired of being a virgin and why not give in to the heat that still exists between her and Sidroc?

Sidroc has learned a lot of sexual treats and tricks in his many travels around the world, and he has every intention of showing Drifa everything. Sidroc gets out the medieval sex toys and oils and takes Drifa on a journey she will not soon forget. Neither will you.

There are conflict and subplots concerning their stay in Byzantium, but the book works best when it stays focused on this seemingly mis-matched couple. Their banter can be amusing and the physical aspect is off the charts. I just wished there was a little more depth to Sidroc. When Sidroc does find out Runa is his long believed dead daughter, the resolution felt rushed.

Nonetheless, this was a good read, it kept me entertained and certainly had me dropping my jaw over Sidroc's sexual prowess. I want me a Viking!

3 out 0f 4 stars

Heat level: *scorch*


Lover of Romance said...

Great Review! I just love Sandra Hill, and I haven't read this one yet, but definitely want to now!!! Thanks for sharing!

Karyn Gerrard said...

Thanks so much~ This book sizzled, no doubt about it, hope you enjoy~