Saturday, August 17, 2013

NEW CONTRACT! Rock the Wolfe from Decadent Tease! Last Rock Star Hero...Promise!

I stated two weeks ago I had my fill of rock stars heroes. I had this submission out at the time. I was this close to pulling it, but the hubs talked me in off the ledge.

This short story has been offered a contract, so why not follow through?  Rock the Wolfe will be released with Decadent's Tease line (short stories, just so ya know) And if my past track record is any indication, it will be some months before this is released.

No problem with me.

So why am I swearing off rock star heroes? I feel I have been there, done that. I got it out of my system. Plus I have other reasons that aren't that important to anyone but me.
Jon Bon Jovi above, he gets a shout out in my story. ;)

So this leaves one more submission out there I am waiting on (and have been, for months and months)

So this fall/winter has two releases on tap: THE COPPER AND THE MADAM from Decadent and ROCK THE WOLFE from Decadent.

Home from vacation and there are going to be a few changes, some already in motion with regard to my writing, etc.

Change is a good thing.



Close to the breaking point after a difficult year in the classroom, elementary teacher Kerri Coleson is looking forward to the summer to regroup and refresh. Staying alone at the old family homestead, she meets a man who may be as burnt out as she is.

Rock star Wolfe Phalen’s world has unraveled, culminating in the bust-up of his group and the dissolution of his marriage. Even though he laments the loss of his guys more, the last thing he is looking for is an entanglement with another woman.

Though Wolfe is intrigued by Kerri’s lush curves, nurturing personality, and sensual response to his touch, his denial of what exists between them seems the only option.
Could she be the woman he’s been hoping to find? Could this be the
love he has yearned for and written songs about? Kerri may rock Wolfe’s world, but will she rock his heart and soul?

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