Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't Do Reviews~And a Few Other Caveats~

I have been inundated with messages and emails of late and just want to state for the record that this is not a review site. I do not rate or review books either here or at my author website. The main reason is I don't have the time, so I have stepped back from reviews altogether. I rarely solicit for my own books to blogs. Again, time restraints. Just the way I want to roll.

So sending me copies of your latest book isn't going to sway me. I know how hard it is to get reviews, As an author, I feel your pain. This isn't the place. Sorry, no exceptions.

Also, I have been carpetbombed lately with emails and messages from people from foreign countries saying they are acting on behalf of a romance writer. Wow, authors are outsourcing promo? Big turn-off. To my mind, its spam and I won't be responding. I've had one guy contact me many times on the Facebook Page, the same pic in the avatar under many different variations of his name. Annoying.

Also, the Twitter, Facebook and blog deal with romance and erotic romance. NOT erotica. Yes, there is a difference. Sorry, it's my line-in-the-sand for this account.

Also, this blog is a side-line for a few book spotlights, I don't have the time (I know, but I really don't) to spend a lot of time on this. I mostly do spotlights on authors I have some sort of contact with in the limited sphere of social media. Book spotlights are easy--cut and paste. I don't have time to do interviews or giveaways, for example.

This is my way of supporting my fellow authors. Its not much, I know there are authors out there that do more. I am giving all I can. I tweet ( and this blog is hooked up to Triberr) I post on Facebook and Pinterest.

I appreciate all the interest, but I have to have some sort of plan in place or it will become overwhelming.

Cheers for understanding!

~Karyn Gerrard

PS. I am taking a break for a few weeks, but will return middle of April~

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