Sunday, March 22, 2015

Drama in The Romance Publishing World? Say it Isn't So! by @KarynGerrard #Opinion

It is a fact of life and in our dealings with other carbon-based lifeforms either face-to-face or online, drama will happen.

 Recently, an The Romance Writers Report, the journal/newsletter of the Romance Writers Association (RWA), published an article giving tips for social media use among its members. It stirred the pot to be sure and while I get where it came from (Don't chase away potential buyers by posting on hot topic social issues) it also chilled free speech. Not cool. But here's the kicker, the RWA does not endorse this article (as far as I could find in my internet searches)  they merely published an opinion piece.  Just like I don't endorse my RT's on the E-Romance News Twitter account.

Go anywhere on social media and you will observe people offering their opinions (like here!) in blog posts, comments etc. There is a segment of the population that feeds on drama like zombies feed on brains, and that segment also exists in the Romance community. Romance is such a big landscape covering various heat levels, genres, and sub-genres, not everyone is going to agree on everything. 

I believe its an individual choice to post opinions on whatever topic. Do you prefer to stay out of the fray? That's also your choice and isn't it great we can choose what to say and where to say it or to say nothing at all? Personally, when I come across something that ticks me off on Facebook, I click "I don't want to see this" or I unfollow or unfriend and then move on with my life. Though I may disagree with their claims or statements, I don't feel the need to publicly state my discourse. But if you do, all the power to you.


Have I made the conscious decision not to buy an author's books because of something they did or said on social media? Sure, but I also bought books from authors who did or said something I admire.  I have a lot of opinions. What ones I decide to share or comment on is my decision. My choice. And even though I may disagree with someone, I feel its their right to express themselves in whatever way they wish. And I have the right to agree or disagree, respond or ignore, unfriend or shrug and say meh. 

At some point online you will be involved in drama, whether its in private groups or a public forum or a social media site, it happens. Even social media darling authors can be pulled into the drama fray, so be prepared. You can't avoid it. It happens in real life and in your social media dealings. 

It all comes down to individual choice. Do what reflects your personality and what you feel comfortable with.  Just because someone likes to offer opinions all the time does not make them a loud-mouthed shnook. 
Nor does someone who stays quiet and removed a snivelling coward.  When drama slaps you square in the face, handle it with dignity. And move on.

            Drama. Its here to stay. And its your choice/decision how to react or interact when it hits.


Kayelle Allen said...

Good advice. Of course, that's my opinion. But I'm right. LOL ^_^

Karyn Gerrard said...

lol~ And more drama this week!