Saturday, May 7, 2016

Romance Books: "I'm Shocked, Shocked to Find Sex Going On" by @KarynGerrard #Opinion #TooSteamy

OMG! Sex in romance books!

We've all seen the reviews romance authors have received that go something like this:

It was not for me I prefer less steamy reading. 1 Star.

What can an author do? It's not much of a review. Doesn't give constructive criticism. Just that it was too hot. So did the person even read the blurb or look at the heat rating which stated it was very sensual?

I read a two star review on a box set, the reader was angry there was no clean reads in it. Huh? The blurb mentioned, hot, sizzling, sensual heat, why did this reader think there would be a clean read in it? Makes no sense.

I've been seeing a lot of reviews lately giving 1 or 2 stars to authors because, omg, sex, or omg, language. Some authors have reported receiving emails sussing the author out for writing a dirty book. Do we authors really have to start putting warnings on books? Basically the best advice is do not take these reviews or criticisms to heart.

Let's just say unless a romance book says it is behind closed doors or a clean or sweet romance, you are going to find some sex in it. If you can't handle it, I have to ask, why do you read romance novels anyway?

Can I just offer my own personal opinion that there is something about the word 'clean' romances that kind of bugs me? It is if they are claiming everything else is...dirty.
There is enough drama and division in romance, we don't need to draw a line between 'clean' and 'dirty'. Romance gets a bad enough rap with that stupid 'mommy porn' label literary types like to slap on the genre. Romance is so much more than sex. But sex is also an intrical part of most romance plots. The best romances I personally like have deeply felt emotion intertwined with sensual sex. That passion also fuels the love. Deepens it, enhances it. But hey, that's me.

It's also what I like to write. I girded my loins for the reviews on "The Vicar's Frozen Heart." (already got a couple on Goodreads.) OMG. A vicar has sex. How crude!
First off, my hero is a second son of a duke, an ex-soldier, he isn't a saint. He hasn't taken a vow of celibacy, nor does being a vicar mean you have to take one. Vicars can marry! (Cue up Monty Python's Dirty Vicar sketch, photo above)

But just because 'vicar' is in the title doesn't mean its an inspirational romance. It says right in the blurb she winds up in his bed! And they aren't playing parcheesi. *wink*

So as long as there is sex in romance books (and language and violence) authors will offend someone to be sure. Just let it roll off your back, move on, and write more hot scenes! Write whatever heat level is comfortable for you. And readers, choose the level of heat that is comfortable for you. Read the blurb, check out the reviews before buying. #opinion

~Karyn (originally published at my site

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