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SPOTLIGHT: Artfully Wicked by Virginia Taylor #NewRelease #Regency #99cents #Historical @authorVTaylor

The Earl of Langsdene is being lampooned in the daily press, but who is the cartoonist? After being depicted as fool and an oppressor of the poor for the past five years, he has given up his rakish ways and plans to take a wife. And yet, the cartoons of him continue to appear. Then at a ball, he spots Winsome Carsten, whose knowledge of art impressed him in the past.

For years Winsome has avoided the handsome earl. She certainly didn’t expect to meet him again. And now the persistent man wants her help to find a certain artist. Somehow, she needs to put him off the trail by fair means or foul. Although she cannot resist his wonderful kisses, she is determined to guard her heart. She will not fall in love with the man she has persisted in using as the foil for her artfully wicked humor.

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A few excerpts from Artfully Wicked:

The earl’s gaze slowly settled on her face. “As I recall you used to paint.”
“A hobby I have pursued for some years.” Her mouth dried.
“Do you still have connections in the world of art?”
She managed an old maid titter. “Oh, dear me, no. Do you see me as a bluestocking, my lord?”

 Winsome’s heartbeat stepped up. Panicked, she glanced at Lord Langsdene but his eyebrows lifted as he courteously waited for her to take his hand. A woman with more fortitude would have left him standing but she saved her fortitude for the next time he forgot who she was. “So kind,” she said with a timid chaperon smile.

 Even as a seventeen-year old, Miss Carsten had been self-possessed, which possibly came from her style, which back then had been elegance without ostentation. His yen for Rose had blinded him to other women, yet he recalled Winsome would sit quietly drawing while he tried his best to impress Rose. On occasions he forgot Winsome was in the room, until she made one of her odd, interesting remarks.

Virginia Taylor is the author of ten historical romances and contemporary romances published in the last four years by Random House and Kensington Books. She is now taking a much needed holiday and writing light hearted Regency Romances. When she is not writing, she is writing, because she can’t help herself, but once a week she strolls outside into the sun, or the wind, or the rain in beautiful South Australia and helps a group of volunteers to make the garden of a heritage house into a showpiece.

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