Monday, September 20, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Once Upon A Kiss by Kate Willoughby

NOTE: Sorry I have been absent, computer was in shop for almost two weeks!

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Release Date: August 25
Word Count: Short Novel

Livvy thought she lost her chance for a Happily Ever After when she dismissed the wish fairy who knocked on her door, so when a prime specimen of masculinity appears on her front lawn one stormy night, she can’t quite believe it. Like a prince in distress, he needs her kiss to bring him out of his enchanted sleep.

After a war injury left him paralyzed, Joe Kimball never expected to walk again, but when he regains the use of his legs thanks to his sexy neighbor, he can’t argue when she insists the credit belongs to a wish fairy. Nor does he want to. Arguing is the last thing on his mind now that he is a whole man again.

Unfortunately, a few days of hot sex do not a fairy-tale ending make, and as the magic becomes increasingly volatile, Joe and Livvy realize there’s much more at stake than just their happiness

Book 3 in the Be-wished Series


Even though I have read some erotica, this is my first Ellora's Cave ebook. Haven't read the other 2 ebooks in this series, but it is not required, as the set up for the wishes is well explained by the snappy, dry humored wish fairy, Davina. She deftly weaves us through all the intricacies and rules regarding said wishes.
Our heroine, Olivia 'Livvy' sees her two close friends have found their happily ever afters, what about her?
Since Davina cannot use Federation Magic on her, she suggests some 'black market magic'. Livvy is skeptical, but as Davina explains, it is like generic drugs, there might be a minor glitch...
Does she have a certain person in mind for this happily ever after?

Livvy's thoughts go directly to her new neighbor, Joe Kimball, muscular hunk who just happens to be handicapped. She cringes when she thinks of their introduction, in a wheelchair, she finds out Joe is ex-army, injured overseas. There is an immediate spark between then, but Livvy, in essence, freaks out over the prospect of going on a date with a guy in a wheelchair, not matter how hunky. She flees, and she feels horrible about it.

After some strange glitches, like her house turning into gingerbread temporarily, one fairy tale plays out right in her yard, a glass coffin holding the very naked Joe Kimball appears on her lawn!

I was immediately caught up in this sweet, sexy twist on 'Sleeping Beauty', For Joe is a stunning specimen, and when Livvy applies the 'kiss' to awaken him, we find this stunning 'Greek God' specimen can now walk, a side effect of the magic, and he is one randy Rambo!

Hot, earth shattering sex are the results, but, as plain spoken and sensual as Joe is, he shows an amazing tender and considerate side, especially when he goes into 'protective mode', one cute scene had him running from the shower covered in suds, carrying a fireplace poker as a weapon. I really took to Joe. And yes, he can cook, and not only in the bedroom. He shows Livvy that he admires and respects her as well, what woman wouldn't melt?

Their idyllic few days however, are marred by that pesky black market magic coming back to stir the pot and cause all sorts of complications. Is Joe's use of his legs only temporary? Can an intense physical pull turn into something...deeper?

I was swept up into this sizzling fairy tale, and enjoyed the twists and turns. But, I enjoyed Joe most of all, especially Joe's 'incredible stamina and innate talent for satisfying her' *swoon*. Not all is sweetness and light in this story, as fairy tales themselves can have a decided dark side.
Livvy as well, was appealing, all she wants is true love, that 'happily ever after' will she find it with Joe?
This was a overall good read with a vastly appealing hero.

3 and 1/4 stars out of 4 for book

KOVER KUDOS: Stunning, exactly as Joe is described in the book, a lush magical look

3 and 1/2 stars out of 4 for cover


Kate Willoughby said...

Karen, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I'm working on Davina's story right now. It should be a wild ride, knowing her penchant for mischief.

Karyn Gerrard said...

Thank you Kate!

Oh my, Davina is a real pistol, that should be wonderful, look forward to it!
Thanks for stopping by, and Joe was a great hero!