Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is from a release for June 11 2011, hardcover. I usually do not buy hardcover books, but for this I might make an exception! How do I know this is cover model Paul Marron? I know every inch of I really don't.  But I recognize that back and well shaped rear, and his face is turned just enough to convince me. If I am wrong, someone let me know, but I think I am right.

And there is something about a man in uniform, with a huge sword no less, this pose is fantastic! Kudos to the photographer! Love the wind blowing the curtains as well.

Just for comparison's sake, let;s have a look at Paul, front on.

Oh hell's him! *snort*  have a great Easter weekend~

Next review is My Irresistible Earl By Gaelen Foley, in a day or so.

*thanks to Bev from The Season for posting this cover on twitter, made my day!

Yay! Another cover with Paul Marron! Love a man who can grip his sword! Highlander alert! I also recommend Paula's books, great reads!


gamistress66 said...

I agree it is a very nice cover. Hoping the book will live up to it though will prob wait to buy until either the hard cover is on clearence (& about the price of a paperback) or the paperback comes out. Although I'm a long time Lindsey fan and she's pretty much an auto buy, I hate paying hardcover prices (even on sale) as it eats the budget.

thanks for the front shot, forgot to compare faces ;) to busy admiring assets and swords (sorry couldn't resist) :)

Karyn Gerrard said...

gamistress, I never buy hardcovers, unless they are on a bargain table. I agree, budget eater. Seriously, I just want this cover, LOL! It would make a great poster, I love back shots~

LOL about comparing faces...he has a face?? I still love Nathan Kamp, but Paul Marron is a close second cover model wise! Cheers~

Gayl said...


Sheree said...

I've been waffling about whether this is Paul Marron but I think you're right. Now, if only there were a bigger pic to check for the moles on his back... ;)

Karyn Gerrard said...

Thud indeed Gayl.

Karyn Gerrard said...

The more I study it closely, esp. that well muscled butt, I think it is him too. LMAO at checking the moles on his back, I think there are 13 of them...*snort*