Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Bed and the Bachelor By Tracy Anne Warren

Avon Romance July 26, 2011

384 pages     By Tracy Anne Warren


Everyone knows the Byron brothers are "mad, bad, and dangerous." But the devilishly desirable fourth son, Drake, is too scholarly to misbehave . . . or is he?

Lord Drake Byron has no time in his busy life to worry about taking a wife.He is more interested in the unbreakable code he has developed to defeat Napoleon's forces. Little does he know that the irresistibly lovely new housekeeper he'shired is really a French secret agent.

Sebastianne Dumont is not at all who she seems to be. Forced to spy to save her family, she embarks on a mission that takes an even more dangerous turn when she falls in love with the surprisingly tempting man she must ultimately betray. And if she succeeds in her mission,will she also break Lord Drake's heart,while leaving her own behind?


Not that fond of the book title. Wouldn't "The Thorough Seduction Of Lord Drake' been better? The cover shot is great, but no. I don't like the title.
But not liking the title was not enough to stop me from liking the book itself and I did. It was an oaky read.
I find, hunky, handsome egghead nebbishs sexy to the extreme, I know, I married one! Of course this inventor/scientist is built, handsome and knows his way around a bedroom, maybe too much like an alpha hero but I found him appealing nonetheless. I have not read any of the previous books in this series.

I seem to be reading a few books lately of a lady coming into a man's home as a servant/employee, but she has other motives for being there. Such is the case with Sebastiannne Dumont who puts on a great English accent for her role as housekeeper to Lord Drake Byron. She is there to spy and obtain cypher codes to aid the French in their war. The story more or less takes place in Drake's townhouse and it was a tad confining plot wise. When a heroine is duping the hero, she better have a dang good reason and Sebastianne has one, protecting her father and brother. Regardless she is a liar and seemed to me Drake was willing to overlook a lot in this regard.

The plot moves along fine enough, there are some aspects of the story that have you rolling your eyes, but I found the romance believable enough (though they seemed to fall in love very quickly) and the love scenes smoldered. Don't want to give away too much of the plot.

It is one of those books you read and say, "Yeah, that was all right" but a few weeks later, struggle to remember the plot. A satisfactory enough read.

 2.75 out of 4 stars for the book

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