Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Compromising Charis By Sahara Kelly

Red Sage Publishing November 2010

Ebook novelette by Sahara Kelly



Description: Charis Forbes-Wilkinson is ruined! At least in the critical eyes of Regency Society. And she is quite content with that state of affairs. Who needs a husband anyway? Unfortunately, an unsolicited offer of marriage appears, sending Charis fleeing into the countryside to meet with a completely unacceptable friend of hers – a gypsy girl.

Fate intervenes, however, in the form of one Sinjun Randall, who is idly tooling his phaeton down the same country lane as Charis. He’s enchanted and she’s fascinated by his handsome smile and easy ways. Finally accepting his offer of a ride – completely outrageous in and of itself – Charis makes her own suggestion. And it’s far more outrageous than a simple carriage trip.

Sinjun agrees without hesitation. He’s found himself entwined in her plans, willing to assist her in her total ruination and completely lost in her expressive eyes. Their passionate interlude completes Charis’s ruination. But rather than ending her future, it marks the beginning of a new and unexpected love…


This is a delightful read that manages to pack a lot into a short ebook format. I was immediately swept up into this regency world and its characters. Charis Forbes-Wilkinson is not your typical regency heroine. Ruined in the eyes of society, a stubborn and determined Charis refuses to toe the line and accept an offer of marriage that send her literally fleeing for the hills.

Charis' aunt informs her a man, a stranger, has offered for her. 'Soiled Goods' she may be, but if she refuses, a desolate life as a maiden aunt/servant awaits her.

Going for a walk to try and lessen the anger, she comes across a gentleman in a curricle on the road. Handsome and cultured, Sinjin (St. John) Randall refuses to be rebuffed by this haughty miss.

Their banter is engaging, and by the time Charis scandalously climbs into Sinjin's carriage, the mutual physical attraction between the two is all too apparent, and their frank discussion of sex only fuels that flame.

Sinjin is enjoying himself, fate it seems, has presented his potential bride into his hands, a fact Charis has no inkling. Sinjin is wickedly sexy. So much so, Charis makes a scandalous proposal.

Fun, sexy and entertaining, this is a charming read, managing to pack plenty of erotic punch in this short format. Both hero and heroine are engaging.

RATING: 3 and 1/2 stars out of four for ebook

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