Monday, January 10, 2011

BOOK WINNING AT BLOGS: The good, the bad, and the ugly~

I have been blogging/visiting some romance blogs for well over a year now, and like a lot of people, I leave comments to enter a draw for a free book.

I have been lucky, I have won quite a few.
And I have received most of the books I have won.

But not all.

There are a few I won 2-3 months ago, that I still have not received. I figure, give the writer over a month to send it. I know how real life, deadlines, etc. can throw one for a loop. Sometimes, an email can slip through the cracks, be lost in that swirl of spam.

So I wait 5 weeks, and resent the email. One lady did answer, apologizing profusely, she had forgotten. I received an airmail envelope with not only one of her books, but two, and some nice little extras like bookmarks and post it notes. Will I be inclined to buy this author's books in future? You bet. Going that extra step means a lot.

The other two I had won? It has been over two months, and neither author have answered my emails. No communication at all. And yet, they are still blogging away. Still giving away books. I am too polite to 'out' them. But, they are both now on my 'do not buy' list. And I am not inclined to particpate in any blog they may do in future.

Isn't creating goodwill all part of the romance game? Not answering emails or sending free books you claim to be offering is so not cool.

I just won a book from an author. She not only announced it at the blog, but sent me an email to boot. The she sent me another one to say it had been shipped. How hard was that? I really appreciated it, and makes me more inclined to buy this author's books in future.

Getting books directly from the publisher? Not keen on it. The 4 times I have won and was told the books would be coming directly from the publisher, only received two. 50% average. Does not make me inclined to enter any giveaways in future that ship from the publisher. Not really. And you can't blame the blog hosts, they have no control over it.

Another time I won a book? It was 3 months, and still nothing. So I contacted the blog host. She sent me back an email saying the author was too busy meeting a deadline to be shipping a book.
Well pardon me! Why did you blog then, and offer a free book if you are so busy? I eventually got it, 5 months later.

I know what you are thinking. The books are free, what in heck are you complaining about?

Basically, I just believe, if you are going to visit blogs, offer books, you should follow through in a timely manner. At least acknowledge you got the email. Any email.

And guess what, my time is precious to me as well. I don't like having to send out emails asking where is the book, makes me feel greedy, grasping, like some Dickens character.

And I should also point out that I HAVE received the majority of books I have won, and quickly. But it is always a few bad apples that spoil the bushel.~


Deb said...

Good post, Karyn. I know you and I have talked about this before. The one other pet peeve I have about authors guesting at blogs....If they are going to comment, then comment one general statement or each individual, not just a select few. Could they have missed my comment? Perhaps. But when there are several persons who have commented, but the author chooses only certain ones to answer, especially people they already know, seems a little rude. I understand that blogging and guest-blogging takes up their time, especially if they have another "day" job.

Karyn Gerrard said...

Hi Deb, you bring up a good point, I seen it happen quite often. Doesn't make you all that inclined to participate if your comment is ignored. Burns my biscuits, too.

I hesitated to bring this up, but it seems to be getting worse, I never had a problem receiving books I had won before, but these last few months, Whoa.

And I cringe to send emails asking 'where is my book'. I am polite about it. And in some cases, the author might have forgotten like what happened with me.
Its the ones who never answer. Thankfully, they are few and far between!

Cheers Deb!