Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Braddock Boys: Travis By Kimberly Raye

Harlequin Blaze   July 19 2011

448 Pages      By Kimberly Raye

He's dying to taste her…

Lean, mean Travis Braddock is not your typical cowboy—he's a brooding vampire searching for the killer who cost him his family, his future, his life. The last thing he needs is a woman he can't resist. Then he met her…

Wedding planner Holly Simms is the perfect girl for a vampire on the move. Especially since she's trying to ditch her "good–girl–lookin'–to–get–hitched" image. So Holly and Travis strike up a bargain— wickedly hot sex…with no strings attached! But nothing prepared Travis for the possibility that there's room for a love life in the afterlife…

If you love cowboys and vampires, then Kimberly Raye's 'Love at First Bite' series is for you. This is also a 10th Anniversary collector's edition with a bonus story (which I did not include in this review) The Pleasure Principle.

Travis is one of the sexy Braddock Boys, Civil War era soldiers/cowboys brothers.The boys became vampires after one fateful and tragic night one hundred and fifty years ago. By the time Travis and his three brothers rode into the ranch, it was aflame, killing their nephew, mother and six ranch hands. They also thought Rose, older brother Colton's wife perished in the fire. Evidence now points that Rose was behind this carnage. The brothers are attacked and left for dead, but a vampire comes across them, turning them all into vampires, along with Rose apparently, who promptly disappears.

The brothers have carried a grunge against each other all these years, each blaming the other for the tragedy. When Travis hears there might be a lead on Rose's whereabouts, he show up to brother Cody's wedding in Skull Creek.Travis' life is filled with the thoughts of revenge.

Enter the sassy wedding planner, Holly Simms. This occupation seems to be the current one for heroines in Blaze books lately. Regardless, Holly has her hands full with various problems at Cody's wedding, like missing champagne. But nothing prepares her for the tall dark, handsome and brooding Travis Braddock.

Travis is a 'take you against the wall' kind of guy, and his attraction to Holly (and vice-versa) is immediate and potent. A sexy encounter in a storage closet at the wedding just fuels the fire. By his own description, Travis is a hard-ass. And he pretty much remains one to the end of the book. Whether he is dealing with his brothers, or his attraction for Holly.

Travis is only in town for a brief stop, and Holly doesn't want any long term relationship. Or so she tells herself. The rest of the book is these two fighting the pull between them. Holly's sassy, elder, gum snapping bingo playing Aunt Tootie was amusing.

Travis seems to be some vampire horse-whisperer, so it helps bridge some of those divides with his cowboy/vampire brothers to an extent. And Holly seemed to accept the purple glowing eyes and fangs aspect of Travis fairly easily. Maybe too easily.

There is no resolution to the past tragedy, no doubt being carried over further in the series. Also I found the ending abrupt. 

However, if you are looking for any deep, emotional depth, you won't find much here. This is a Blaze after all, enjoy it for what it is, a sexy entertaining read.

3 out of 4 stars for the book

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