Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am sitting here, stunned and floored and extremely pleased and happy.

Within a 24 hour period, I was offered two contracts for two different stories from two different publishers. Needlessly to say, I happily accepted both.

First contract is for a Christmas short called 'CHRISTMAS MEMORIES' with Silver Publishing.

Part of Silver's '25 Days of Christmas'. Anthology. It is around 8000 words and it is a sweet and very sexy tale. With some humor thrown in of course.

I have never written a short story before, how do you cram all the elements of an effective narrative into less than 10,000 words? But I LOVE Christmas and found once I started writing, it all fell into place.

Have no idea if this is the cover for the stories, dang I hope so, he looks like how I describe my hero. Tentative release date is December 18th.

The second contract offer is from Evernight Publishing, who published my debut, TIMELESS HEART.

This contract is for a novella of around 28,000 it is a paranormal called BLACK LUST. It is the first novella of what I hope will be a trilogy and maybe beyond.

I had such a smooth and stress-free experience with Evernight the first time around, so I am really looking forward to working with them again.

Tentative release date is also sometime in December.

Looks like I will be having a very busy fall but I am relishing this. I also want to start writing a sequel to Timeless Heart, already have it plotted out so lots on my plate.

Thanks to everyone that supported me on this journey. It's not over yet.

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