Saturday, September 10, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Temptation of a Highland Scondrel by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

The second book in the Highland Warriors trilogy…
Three proud warriors locked in a struggle for victory.
Three beguiling women united in their vow to restore peace.

Despite an official peace, old conflicts smolder in the Glen of Many Legends.  Kendrew Mackintosh, Chieftain of his clan, is famed as both a bold and hot-blooded warrior and a sensual lover. He has no intention of settling down . . . until he kisses a forbidden beauty whose passion matches his own.

Highborn and gently raised, Lady Isobel Cameron has long harbored a secret fascination for the fearless, charismatic Mackintosh—even though her brother is his sworn enemy. When destiny draws them together for one night, she can’t resist him. But what begins as a flirtation soon becomes a fight for survival. A deadly new threat has come to the glen, and Kendrew and Isobel must learn to trust and protect one another—or pay the ultimate price.


This is the first book I have read by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. I read this from Netgalley, but imagine my glee to win both books in this series since then. I am looking forward to reading the first book in this series,  'Sins of the Highland Devil'.

Kendrew was everything you could want in a Highlander hero, big, braw, bold, handsome and walking sex in a kilt.
Isobel Cameron has had her eyes firmly fixed on Kendrew for sometime although he barely gives her notice. Isobel is determined for all that to change at a Mackintosh clan gathering renowned for its debauchery. That doesn't stop Isobel, especially after she sees in all his pagan glory. Kendrew's fires are stoked and he and Isobel are soon having hot sex against a rock.
Imagine Kendrew's horror when he finds out not only is the temptress a virgin but the sister of a rival. He pushes her away.
I liked that Isobel refused to give up, she stubbornly plunges forward to win the stubborn heart of this highlander. Kendrew is wild and dangerous but like all rugged highlanders underneath beats the heart of a honorable man who is devoted to his family and clan.

While this intriguing relationship moves forward with fits and starts, there is an underlying force that threatens the happiness of the couple and their safety. I found it a bit jarring to have such paranormal aspects to the story, I think I would have benefited from reading the first book before this one. However, I soon got into the flow of things and found the mischievous ghost amusing and I am a sucker for dragons anyway. 

All in all an entertaining read, very different from most Highlander books I have read, but in a good way.

3.25 out of 4 for the book

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