Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Review: A Dark and Brooding Gentleman by Margaret McPhee

A Dark and Brooding Gentleman (Harlequin Historical #1074)A Dark and Brooding Gentleman by Margaret McPhee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


If you enjoy historicals with a dark, brooding hero that stands and looks out the window over the Scottish misty moors holding a glass of brandy or riding his black stallion recklessly over said misty moors, then this book is for you!

Sebastian Hunter is very much like the brooding heroes in Jane Eyre and Rebecca, he has a secret and a prickly relationship with his mother who seemingly dislikes him intensely.

Phoebe Allardyce arrives at Blackloch Hall (love that name) as a companion to Sebastian's mother. She attracts his attention immediately and his suspicion. Phoebe it seems, is up to no good.
I found her likeable enough and her reasons for lurking about Blackloch are sound. The relationship and attraction works and Sebastian is suitably brooding and interesting. However, by the last third of the book, it got bogged down in too much secondary plotting and the 'secret' when revealed lacks real impact. Other than that, the characters are strong. Personally I would have preferred the focus stay on the couple until the end, but oh well. I enjoyed this read and I LOVE the cover! He is even holding a snifter of brandy~

I also recommend the first book in this duet 'Gentlemen of Disrepute'~UNMASKING THE DUKE'S MISTRESS.


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