Thursday, January 19, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: My Ruthless Prince by Gaelen Foley

Avon Romance  Dec 27 2011

384 Pages By Gaelen Foley


The Inferno Club: To London Society, they’re notorious for their scandalous pursuits. In private, these warriors would risk their lives for king and country.
His brother warriors fear the Earl of Westwood has turned traitor, but Emily Harper knows this is impossible for the man she has loved since childhood . . . as impossible as a marriage between them could ever be—she, the gamekeeper’s daughter and he, a bold and adventurous nobleman.

Driven by hatred and revenge, Westwood is playing a deadly game of deception, bent on destroying the enemy’s dark conspiracy from the inside, and he’s furious when Emily plunges herself into danger for his sake. Forced into close quarters, their long-suppressed desire explodes into all-consuming passion.

Emily knows her love can save him . . . but Westwood is a man who doesn’t want to be saved.

This is one of those books that does not really stand alone, it is intricately plotted and if you wish to get the full impact of the narrative, reading the previous books might be needed. However, if you do enjoy a little action mixed in with your historical read, then this book passes muster and then some.

My Ruthless Prince is book 4 in the Inferno Club series. Drake the hero is the Earl of Westwood and labeled a traitor and on the run. His tortured self was seen in previous books, of which I had read a couple and I was anxious for Drake's story.

There is a lot to like in this novel, romance, spies, adventure and a few twists and turns. In fact there are so many obstacles you wonder how the hero and heroine can possibly overcome them all? Drake is so damaged, he has endured physical and psychological torture in his captivity. Who had Drake captive?  An evil Promethean group who seemingly 'turns' Drake to their side, or have they? Great suspense with regard to that plot point.

Emily Harper has loved Drake for as long as she can remember. Emily was the daughter of the gamekeeper that looked after Drake's family estate, they formed a bond through childhood that grew to so much more as they aged. With her expert skills, Emily tracks down Drake and is determined to rescue him. A little far fetched for the era but just go with it. Emily is plucky and brave but also filled with passion and compassion when it comes to Drake. Their love story is achingly tender, the longing well played out.

I am usually not into Historical romance adventures very much, I feel all the subplots and secondary characters take away from the romance and attention from the hero and heroine. In this novel however, it all clicks. Very enjoyable, high spirited read.

4 out of 5

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