Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Review: Of Men and Angels by Victoria Bylin

Of Men And AngelsOf Men And Angels by Victoria Bylin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I reached deep into one of my TBR boxes and pulled this little gem from the bottom of the pile. From 2003, this Harlequin Historical western had a few too many spiritual references for my romance reading pleasure, however, the emotion was touching and heartfelt. The characters were real, had their demons, and ultimately there is redemption. Jake is a drifter and by his own standards, a no-account. His journey made for an entertaining read. Is there blatant manipulation of emotions in parts? Sure, but it works.

I see Victoria Bylin went on to write historicals for the Love Inspired line at Harlequin. After reading this I can see why. While there are a few references to God and all things spiritual, it did not really take away from the romance of the story. The attraction between Jake and Alexandra sizzled, and the plot and their romance moved at a good pace. I enjoyed this~I defy you not to have a lump in your throat while reading the epilogue. A pleasant surprise and definitely recommend~

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