Saturday, April 3, 2010


I thought I would showcase a few hunks on some of the new releases for April. I have no idea who these guys are, believe me, I wish I did. Outside of Nathan and Paul and maybe 1 or two others...nope. Too bad.

Ok, You just KNEW I was going to start with Nathan Kamp, how could I not? I am sorry, but there are no Native Americans living in my area that look like this, or perhaps, I just have not been looking, LOL!

Regardless, Nathan has posed before many times in Native garb, and he does it quite well. He must be on every Bobbi Smith cover.
Love the waterfall in the background and the colors, very appealing. Very lush, in all ways. ALL ways.

I. Must. Know.
Who is this guy?
I would say this is the cover/pose
that caught my attention, so far.
I saw it first at The Romance Dish.
Drooling, I tried to enlarge it, but it blurred!
I love the sexy pose, the crisp white shirt, the very tight jeans.
The tilt of the hat, the rugged, handsome profile.
Look at that stunning arm and hand tucked in his belt.
Again, the colors are lush, the background appealing
and very 'contemporary western' with the big-1 ton truck.
I want a pin up.

A lot of covers lately with the woman's back exposed, quite a few this month alone.
But, forget the female model and just look at the stunning, tanned,
sculpted out of granite torso of the male model.
It that Paul Marron? Hard to tell.
I don't think.
Anyway, love the muscled arm here.
Now that I study it, it could be him.

I checked a book cover site dedicated to him, and there are not any recent entries, I will sit on the fence with this one.
Also love the vibrant colors on the cover.

I must admit, I like back shots. On men.

And Paul Marron has done quite a few.

Is this him, No, the hair isn't right.

But Yikes this is amazing, the plaid, the sword, the pose, and the plethora of blue hues make this cover truly appealing.

And the chiseled back and arms help as well.

Oh let's do another Highlander cover.
I love them.
Always love a Highlander cover where the hunk
of bonny lad has a firm grip on his sword. *snork*

Love the castle in the background.

Och, and a fine figure of a man.
He can guard me anytime.

And here we go with the half-face thing again. Why not show us his eyes? Huh?

Yes he is on another cover this month.

I can't drool anymore over this man than I already have, the poor guy will think he has some crazed stalker.

Love the profile shot, to show off the handsome,sculpted visage.
And the shaved chest is always a plus.

Nathan is not as muscular as Paul Marron,
but has a sleek, lean musculature all his own.

I will stop now.

Again with the expose female back,

But I chose this because...

I love men's hands.

The big, veiny, masculine hands,
with long, elegant fingers.

Like the model on this cover.

Love the ruffled cuffs. Gives him a roguish look.

Again, with the half-face.
Becoming a disturbing trend like the headless, torso shots.

Anyway, a little fun to start off the month~

Have a Happy Easter~


Suzanna said...

That's a very nice selection of covers, Karyn. ;) I do agree that the cover for "Man of the West" is something else. Talk about presence ... that model has it in spades!

Deb said...

SIGH. SIGH! SIGH. Need I say more? How does Nathan always look different, I wonder, on different covers?

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Oh yes Suzanna,

That guy caught my attention, presence is so true, I just noticed he has a star on his belt, so he must be a lawman in the story. Even better.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

LOL Deb,

I know, Nathan does look different for every cover, guess that's why they use him so much, that and other obvious reasons! Happy Easter!

Andrea said...

Karyn, I adore the cover of Sadie's MAN OF THE WEST. I will be picking it up as I loved the first book in the series, LONE STAR WOMAN.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Hi Andrea!

If this was ever an example of buying a book because of the cover, this is it for me! And the fact you loved the other book in the series, Lone Star Woman, just closed the deal for me, I will be getting this for sure, Cheers!