Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Sins of The Flesh By Eve Silver

HQN Paranormal Oct 2010

384 pages by Eve Silver


The blood of the Underworld lord of evil runs through soul reaper Malthus Krayl's veins. Raised to fight for survival and to kill for victory, he can destroy anyone who poses a threat. As he searches for the one responsible for his brother's murder, he refuses to succumb to any distraction…until his sworn enemy crosses his path and tempts him beyond all reason...

Calliope Kane, a Daughter of Aset, has a personal hatred for soul reapers. Their savage attack against her family still haunts her. But only Malthus can help her find the traitors of her kind, and only she can help him hunt the source of betrayal amongst the reapers. As they unite, the danger grows closer…and the passion between them ignites.


I have read Eve Silver for a few years, loved her Regency Noir books with Zebra, so I was tickled to see she had a paranormal trilogy with HQN. Only, this isn't really a trilogy. A fourth book will be released June 2011, so if you are looking for a neatly tied up ending, you will not get it here.

I came into this book without reading the other two, so to say I was a bit confused at the beginning was an understatement. My kingdom for a glossary!! I wish all paranormal series had glossaries, like J.R. Ward or Gena Showalter do, it would have helped ease me into this paranormal universe a little better.

But I soon got into the groove of who was what, and what powers they possessed. The hero is Malthus (Mal) Krayl. He is a soul reaper and one of the sons of the Underworld god of chaos Sutekh. Got that? Mal has three brothers, one of which, Lokan, has been killed, and his remains scattered so he cannot be revived. Mal is out for revenge, and if he can reassemble his brother, all the better. He is hot on a lead, when the man he meant to question is snatched away by the heroine, a blooded Daughter of Aset, Calliope Kane. She is one tough cookie, literally pinning Mal to the wall like a bug with a huge sword while she escapes with the man Kuznetsov. Apparently Mal likes that sort of thing, after all, this is a man who sleeps with fire genies! *sizzle* Good thing his skin repairs fast on its own!

The chase is on, also so is the burgeoning attraction between the two, which started with a anonymous sexual encounter at a club. When both realize that the other is 'that' person at the club, it amps up the attraction and tension.

Mal is walking sex, also virile and dangerous. But he is also loyal to his brothers, and underneath, vulnerable, what's not to love? Callie fights the attraction almost through the entire book. As they are in reality sworn enemies. But Mal cannot help but step in and try to protect her when he can. If ever there was a woman who did not need protecting. Also, Callie is cold and emotionless. It took Mal a long bloody time to break through her barriers. I am not sure Callie deserved Mal myself, but, I warmed to her as her past is revealed to explain her frosted heart.

Lots of action, twists and turns, I was thoroughly entertained, so much so, I ordered the first two books of this series. Sins of the Heart and Sins of the Soul. Also, the ending paves the way for book four in the Otherkin series.

Looking for a high octane paranormal read, then Eve Silver delivers. Loved Mal!!

3 1/2 stars out of four for the book

KOVER KUDOS: Oh yeah, the model on the cover IS Mal, description fits perfect. Love the gothic arches in the background.

3 1/2 stars out of four for the cover

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