Sunday, January 16, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Almost An Outlaw by Patricia Preston

Carina Press ebook Historical

Jan 10 2011 by Patricia Preston

22,500 words


Rancher Austin Cade rides into Liberty looking for his old comrades, the James-Younger gang. He needs their help tracking down the horse thief who's stolen his prized mare. In town, the former gunfighter is reunited with Darcy, the first girl he ever kissed—and never forgot.

Young widow Darcy Branson owns a shop full of fashionable ladies' attire, but continues to wear mourning black so she won't forget her role in her husband's death. Austin stirs a passion inside her that has long been dormant, but can Darcy learn to believe in Austin—and love—enough to let go of her tragic past?

Time is rapidly running out... As a cousin to Jesse James, Darcy has attracted unwanted attention, thanks to her rumored association with the gang. Soon Austin and Darcy are faced with confronting not only their growing desire, but danger in the form of a deadly bounty hunter.


This is an extremely entertaining slice of the old west, with some romance sprinkled in for good measure.

Austin Cade is a well to do rancher, hot on the trail of the man who stole his prize horse, he tracks him to Liberty, Missouri. An ex-guerrilla commander from the Civil War, Austin decides to look up his old comrades, The James and Younger boys.

He strides into a dress shop belonging to Darcy Branson, a young lady he long ago gave her first kiss to, and his. Darcy is now a widow, and just as surprised to find Austin standing before her, for she never forgot that kiss, either.

For a short story their is enough meaty plot to sustain a 300 page book, and this story doesn't suffer for it. The townspeople are all interesting, there is a subplot with a murdered prostitute that is riveting. The murderer is some cold blooded bible quoting nutbag. Also the hunt for Austin's prize quarter horse leads to a surprising conclusion.

But what is at the heart of this is the quiet, unassuming romance between Austin and Darcy. Austin, who has seen so much, experienced war and death, Darcy, who carries heart break and betrayal with her, can she ever love and trust again?

I felt like I were watching one of those really well made western movies, such was the descriptive writing and characterization. It played like a movie in my head. A true western feel, and a very good read.

3.5 stars out of 4 for the Ebook

KOVER KUDOS: exactly how Austin is described in the ebook.
2.5 out of 4 stars for the ebook cover


Patricia Preston said...

Karyn, I am so glad you enjoyed my novella, Almost An Outlaw. I always hope when I write a story that somewhere out there a reader will be entertained. You made my day!

Karyn Gerrard said...

I was certainly entertained, hope to see more from you, thanks so much for stopping by!