Friday, February 25, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Taming The VIP Playboy by Katherine Garbera

Sillouette Desire Feb 2011

192 pages By Katherine Garbera


The sultry heat. The pulsing music. How could millionaire club owner Nate Stern have resisted taking Jen Miller into his arms? Though everyone in Miami considered him a playboy, Nate never flirted with his employees. Yet something about Jen had him changing his mind.
Sleeping with her VIP boss was risky, but the businessman's charms had Jen throwing caution to the wind. Still, she'd been hurt before. Knowing Nate must play the role of Casanova for the press had her guarding her heart. But when Nate held her close, Jen couldn't resist the flames…no matter what.


This was a pleasant enough romance read, taking place with the hot salsa beat of a popular Miami night club. I can't say the whole 'Dancing with the Stars' type backdrop appealed to me much, but I went with the story, nonetheless.

Nate Stern has it going on, rich, ex-Yankees ball player, gorgeous, co-owns and runs one of Miami's premiere dance clubs, where all the celebrities should be seen. And it is Nate's job to make sure they are. He plays the game to the hilt, a different lovely lady on his arm every night. Makes the papers, all for the sole purpose of promoting his club that he and his two brothers own. And maybe, a little promotion for himself, why not?

Enter Jen Miller, newly hired Salsa teacher at the club, she has Nate rethinking his 'never flirt with the employees' rule. There is something about her. Both are attracted to the other, and they decide a little fling won't hurt their working relationship, only after a passionate night, Nate is not in any hurry to let Jen leave his side. They wind up spending the day on his yacht, and Nate finds himself more drawn to Jen, and drawn into her life, as much as he tries to fight it.

Jen is no-nonsense. She lives with her sister and nephew, trying to get back on her feet after her dream of competitive dancing was side-lined for a reason Jen is reluctant to talk about. The more Jen and Nate spend together, the more they both open up, share. And while Jen loves the time Nate spends with her 7 year old nephew Riley, deep down Jen knows Nate is not the forever type. Too bad, because he is fun, sexy and caring.

Some obstacles pop up, like Nate continuing to be photographed with stunning women. He no sooner explains it is part of the job when Jen's former dance partner shows up, with a little blackmail on his mind.

By this point in the book my mind was beginning to wander, not that Nate and Jen were not interesting as a hero and heroine, but the whole dancing backdrop and subplots with the ex-partner were not very compelling to me.

I liked Jen, she comes clean with her feelings first. Nate is starting to have doubts, he has real commitment issues, can he and Jen find the happiness neither seems to think they deserve?

This was a satisfactory romance read, the hero and heroine were interesting enough to keep me reading, but I was not drawn in too much to the story itself. Nor did I find the subplot of Jen's dance competition banishment, or her slimey ex-partner all that compelling. But, if you like Dancing With the Stars, you may enjoy the dancing aspect more than I did.

2.75 Stars our of 4 for the book.

KOVER KUDOS: Oooo. I think both models are a little long in the tooth to be portraying Nate and Jen. I can't recall Nate ever wearing a tux, I could be wrong.

2.5 stars out of 4 for the cover

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