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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Five of Hearts by Jennifer DeCuir #ContempRomance @JenniferDeCuir @Crimson_Romance

By Jennifer DeCuir

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Being a celebrity had taught Dean that women only wanted him for his money and fame. They weren’t interested in him as a person. And they would use any sneaky means at their disposal to get what they wanted – including false paternity suits. Fed up, Dean moves to the other side of the country, to a small town on the coast of Maine. Surely he wouldn’t be bothered here.

Shannon has no use for men. Her father left when she was very little and her husband took off the minute the ultrasound revealed they weren’t having one baby, but three babies at once. She could handle it all on her own, thank you very much. But living up here on the bluff got lonely, even with her rambunctious triplets. And if she spent a little time with the hunky new guy next door, that was just being neighborly, right?

Dean’s idyllic new life was not supposed to include the hot neighbor-lady’s children sneaking into his yard every day. But the more time he spent with the triplets and their stubbornly independent mama, the more he realized his new hermit lifestyle may not have been the best choice. With Shannon, he could trust again. She was genuinely interested in him, not his fame. Of course, that could be because he’d neglected to tell her about his former life as the lead singer of the boy band, Five of Hearts. When she found out, would she forgive him for hiding something so important from her? Would she believe he did it to protect himself? Would she still love him… for him?


“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Dean pulled out a chair at the dining room table in the breakfast nook and prepared to sit down.
“No! Mr. Dean, stop!” Brenna ran up to him, shaking her head, her eyes as wide as saucers. “You almost sat on Rosie.” She pulled out a different chair and motioned for him to sit in that one instead.
Shannon stifled a grin, first at the apologetic look on Dean’s face and then as that look turned to confusion. He shook his head as he studied the chair he nearly sat in. He glanced from the chair to the little girl and back again.
“I think Rosie must have jumped out when she saw me coming.”
“She’s still there. You scared her.” Rust red pigtails swung jauntily as the five-year-old jutted out her chin and put her hands on her hips.
Uh oh! Shannon knew that stance. Her bored little girl was looking for an argument. For a split second she considered waiting it out, seeing how Dean would handle himself in an argument to prove the existence of an imaginary person. Nah. She was bored, too, and if she let Brenna spout off, Dean would probably go running back to his self-imposed isolation.
“Hey, baby, why don’t you go round up your brothers and tell them we’re doing something special for lunch.” Shannon dropped a kiss on her daughter’s head as she skipped toward the doorway. “And make sure they are at least wearing underwear!”
“This is a bad time. I didn’t mean to barge in when you were fixing lunch.” Dean’s gaze went past Shannon, scanning the kitchen counter. Perhaps looking for a hint as to what was to be served?
“Yes. Yes, you did. And I’m glad you came.” Shannon wasn’t trying to tease. She really was happy he’d stopped by … no matter the reason.
Dean’s attention had returned to the wooden chair he had almost sat in. He scratched his head, opened his mouth like he was going to speak, and then shut it again. Shannon checked to make sure Brenna was off on her chore and then strode to the supposedly occupied chair and planted herself in it. She kept all traces of humor from her face while she looked up at Dean.
“I’m really missing something here, aren’t I?” Dean wrinkled up his nose. “She doesn’t have a pet bug or something, does she?”
Now she could no longer hold it in. Shannon burst out laughing.
“No, silly.” She dabbed at her eyes. “Rosie is her imaginary friend.” She lowered her voice. “She’s new around here. We’re all still getting used to her.”
Impulsively, she reached out and patted Dean’s hand. He didn’t snatch it away, though she wondered how much willpower it took for him to remain still. Their eyes met and just as quickly they both chose something different to focus their attention on. Shannon cleared her throat and got up from the table.

Author bio:
Jennifer DeCuir lives in the soggy Pacific Northwest, sucking down Starbucks lattes and sneaking in as much writing time as her active family allows. She loves to connect to fans through social media. 

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