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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Vampire's HourGlass by Shayne Leighton @shayneleighton #Paranormal @DecadentPub

The Vampire’s Hourglass
Of Light and Darkness series

After narrowly surviving a near-death experience in an effort to save Valek from yet another showdown with Aiden, Charlotte awakens inside the forsaken, crumbling walls of the Regime Palace. Though she finds herself surrounded by her closest friends, she is conflicted by her feelings of the sudden absence of her Vampire guardian.

With Nikolai to console her, Charlotte cannot shake the undeniable chemistry she feels for this familiar stranger. But they are running out of time. Charlotte’s peculiar ailment will return, and she will die.

Charlotte, Nikolai, Sarah, and several others travel to the underbelly of Prague to search for Valek. But what they discover are the dark secrets the elder Vampires have been hiding for centuries. Charlotte must overcome her mortal limitations to win back the heart of the one she truly loves and escape the gates of Abelim with her throat intact in this enthralling, highly anticipated third installment of the Of Light and Darkness Series.

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“Does it hurt? You know…when I’m around?”
He was talking about the mark still throbbing at the side of her throat, and he reached up to graze it with his fingertips. The one that had appeared there after Valek left his initial bite. The one that had ailed her since and nearly killed her, until she’d unwittingly saved herself by stabbing a hole in her own chest. Not her empty, openly bleeding heart and her feeling of abandonment and being alone, but a literal hole she’d created herself some snowy weeks ago with the sharp end of a letter opener. She’d attempted to end it all to prove herself something more than just an expendable mortal in this game of light and darkness. She wanted to be a hero, nearly having killed herself for the sake of saving her friends from Aiden and his efforts to destroy them all. But what did she have to show for it now? Another giant scar.
“Not really. Not as much as the emotional pain underneath it.” She finally answered Nikolai’s question honestly, and he retracted his hand. “The heartbreak hurts worse than the scar ever could.”
Also in the Of Light and Darkness series

About Decadent Publishing:

Decadent Publishing is an Alaska-based digital to print publishing house specializing in romance and mainstream fiction titles. Founded in 2010, we have published such lines as 1Night Stand, Ubuntu (African Romance), Prepper Romance, Beyond Fairytales, Calendar Men, and the new ROAR line. We also publish non-fiction, sweet romance and young adult under our Bono Books imprint.

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