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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Possess by Laura Marie Altom @LauraMarieAltom #Giveaway #Erotic #Contemporary

Shamed # 2
By: Laura Marie Altom
Releasing December 23rd, 2014


Ella Patton and Liam Stone return in the breathtaking conclusion to the steamy, contentious love affair that began in Control.

Will you marry me? Those four little words should be a dream come true. But for Ella Patton, they’re the start of a waking nightmare. For despite the insatiable desire she feels for Liam Stone, marriage is out of the question—divorcing her abusive husband, Blaine, would be too dangerous to even contemplate. Besides, Ella couldn’t ask for anything more than the life she and Liam share: a scalding hot passion that’s totally outside the bounds of “I do.”

Liam has hit a brick wall. His fortune can’t buy Ella’s freedom from the oppressive monster the law recognizes as her husband. Blaine will take any opportunity to bring Ella back under his authority, no doubt exacting a terrible revenge as punishment for nearly slipping away. But Liam has a force greater than money and influence on his side: Ella’s love. She sparks his most unstoppable determination—and ignites pleasures that no man should be able to possess.

Excerpt: (from chapter 4: Ella)

His soul and skin were bared to me, and I wanted to give him the same. He was right. My scars were my past, and he was my bright and shining future.
I whispered with words ragged with emotion, “C-could you please take off my top?”
“You sure?”
I nodded.
He was once again easing up, and though without his reassuring weight I felt bereft, I watched as he unfastened first one button, then another until the part in the cool, soft silk fell open and he was skimming his palm along my abdomen, bobbing his head low to kiss my navel, and then leaning back to take me in. “You’re beautiful.”
“So are you . . .” That chunk of hair had fallen over his left eye and I swept it back, only as usual, it once again fell, which only made me smile. His hair, like the man himself, was untamable, but that was okay. I loved that I was never quite sure what he’d do. But from now on, his every move would include me.
He leaned close, angling his lips atop mine. I closed my eyes, gliding my fingertips along his sides, and he was once again on top of me with his urgency nudging between my legs.
I was wet, hungry to feel him inside.
He slipped his hands between my legs, but I didn’t want part of him. I greedily wanted him all.
Shaking my head, I put my hands on his hips, guiding him where I wanted.
“Are you sure you’re ready?” he asked with a tender look of concern.
I nodded. I spread my legs, bucking up to meet him.
With his gaze carrying mine, he eased in, filling me, completing me, kissing me.

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Author Info
Laura Marie Altom is the author of more than forty books in three different genres. Now that her kids are in college, Altom spends her days writing and chasing after a menagerie of pets: a mini long-haired dachshund named Cocoa, a Yorkie named Daisy, a mutt named Sweet Pea, and Domino—a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees. She’s happily married to her college sweetheart (go Hogs!), and when night falls, she steals a few romantic moments for herself with her own hunky cover stud.

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