Saturday, December 18, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Falke's Peak by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton

Ebook Carina Press

Contemporary/Paranormal/Erotica 149 pages

by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton


She couldn't believe her eyes.

Stressed out ad-exec Dakota wandered into Catamount Outfitters in search of a guide for a wilderness excursion. She didn't expect to be greeted by not one, but five of the most ruggedly delicious-looking men she'd ever seen. Not to mention a live cougar guarding the shop.

The Falke brothers have more than just good looks in their genes.

Eldest brother Axel agrees to guide Dakota on her mountain trek. In cougar form, Axel's twin, Gunnar, was there as a protection from predators—but he had his eye on the sexy client instead.

Into the wild...

While the rule with clients was "paws-off," both Axel and Gunnar couldn't resist Dakota's seductive Native American beauty and determination. As cold days led to hot nights in the cabin, Axel and Gunnar wondered if they'd finally found a woman strong enough to tame them...

This erotica ebook is every woman's deepest, menage a trois fantasy come to life, with a little paranormal thrown in to spice up the mixture.

Dakota Tokala is a third wheel on what was supposed to be a girl's adventure vacation. When one of her friends bails, and the other one brings her current boyfriend, Dakota decides to go off on her own on a little side trip while in the mountains of Washington State.

She walks into Catamount Outfitters and is near stunned speechless when she sees 5 men, brothers all, that are tall, golden Gods. And...yeah, there is a big cougar in the shop, as tame as a house cat.
Oldest brother Axel steps forward and offers his services as a guide. And he is bringing the kitty.
While Axel tries to fight his attraction to his beautiful client, so is the puma. Yep, the puma is his brother Gunnar, a cat shape-shifter like himself and the rest of his family.
Both men-cats want Dakota. But they have to be careful, they cannot give away their family's shifter secret. Axel is getting too close for comfort so he and Gunnar switch places. Not wise, as Dakota comes on to Gunnar, thinking he is Axel, well, you know what happens.

Besides clawing each others eyes out, the boys have a plan. Make her their mate. Apparently in this tight, secret, clannish cat world, a mate must receive the seed of both shifters to procreate. So you can see where this is going. Dare they tell her their secret, and risk their hearts in the balance?

What could have easily slipped into a threesome sleaze fest, actually is quite romantic. But also, this is one sizzling read. I mean, scorching. Yow. Ultimately, both brothers are sweet, caring, tender and loving. Giving in to Dakota's every whim. What woman wouldn't melt?
But, back to the real world and away from the private cocoon of the mountain cabin, can Dakota leave these two stunning men behind and return to her life in Vegas?

Let's face it, this is a paranornal/shape shifter fantasy all the way. I liked the erotica mix, but also the old fashioned romance thrown in for good measure. Axel and Gunnar are amazing on all levels. Hope to read more of the other Falke brothers soon!

3 and 1/2 stars out of 4 for the ebook

KOVER KUDOS: Oh yeah, hunky look-alike brothers, mountain lion, with Dakota in the middle. Luck Lady.

3 out of 4 stars for the ebook cover

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