Thursday, December 16, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby-Heidi Betts

Harlequin/Silhouette Desire

Dec 1, 2010 194 pages By Heidi Betts


This wasn't the type of Christmas present he'd been expecting. Trevor Jarrod—a daddy? Yet the enticing woman seated in his office claimed the Aspen businessman was the father of her baby nephew. Quick as he could say paternity test, Trevor discovered she was telling the truth. But just what did this revelation mean? The confirmed bachelor knew nothing about being a parent. And Haylie Smith wasn't about to hand off the precious infant to a complete stranger.

If Trevor really wanted to claim his unexpected heir, he had an important choice—head to court…or head to the altar!


I haven't read that many romances in this Harlequin line, and I will have to admit, babies on the covers of romance novels doesn't really appeal to me in general.

But I was soon drawn into this romance story right away. Trevor Jarrod has it all, looks, smarts, money and a large, loving family that shares in the running of a huge Aspen spa/resort. Trevor oozes virility and confidence, or as the author wittily describes him " He makes James Bond look like a vagrant."

When the heroine Haylie Smith shows up with her four month old nephew on her hip, claiming the boy is his, Trevor calmly and coolly calls a doctor to get the paternity tests in motion. Since Trevor gets around, he can't recall this one night stand with Haylie's now deceased sister.
I kind of raised an eyebrow at the fact he would invite a total stranger into his home, and life. And that Haylie took him up on the offer. She would stay there until the test results come back, a few weeks at most. Okay. Seemed a little odd, but I went with it.

Trevor exudes an air of power and privilege, in fact, he seems almost too good to be true. He showers Haylie with clothes, and an Escalade to drive, a fully stocked nursery, heck, I would stay with him too! He can even cook a mean pot of pasta! Even Haylie wonders, there must be something wrong with this guy!

Haylie gets caught up in the fairy tale Jarrod world, but coming back one night with Trevor from dinner out to find a redheaded female model in Trevor's bed is a splash of reality. This man could have any glamorous woman, why, is he bothering with her? Trevor soon shows the woman the door, but Haylie, ever practical, decides she made her bed and she damn well is going to share it with Trevor and enjoy the fantasy while she can.
The bubble bursts when Jarrod finds out he is indeed the father. (this plot point is given away on the back cover blurb, why, I am not sure) He then proposes marriage in a cold, calculating business type way. Looks as if the fairy tale is over for Haylie.

While I found Trevor way too perfect, he made a fine romantic hero. I like that he falls off his white horse briefly there at the end. Not so perfect, after all.

Haylie was rather average as far as a heroine goes, though her love of family and her self-sacrificing for her nephew was endearing. Qualities that ultimately attract Trevor the Aspen James Bond. Besides her looks, of course.

A satisfactory read, I enjoyed the witty writing, I found myself smiling more than once. I was willing to go with this romance fantasy all the way. A nicely done romantic Christmas ending.

3 out of 4 stars for the book

KOVER KUDOS: Yeah...well, not one for babies on the cover. Nope. The model looks as Trevor is described. Can't speak for the baby. Nice Xmas type background.

2 1/2 out of four stars for the cover

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