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BOOK REVIEW: His Christmas Virgin by Carole Mortimer

Harlequin Presents Contemporary

Dec 2010 192 pages By Carole Mortimer


Jonas Buchanan is a man renowned for being arrogant and seemingly emotionless, both in business and in his private life. He never combines work and pleasure, and steers clear of any woman who doesn't play by his rules….Rule 1: He doesn't bed virgins.

Rule 2: He doesn't do Christmas.

Mary "Mac" McGuire loves the festive season, and she's as pure as the snow falling outside Jonas's window. But by Christmas Day she might well have Jonas breaking every rule in his book!


Carole Mortimer's Christmas contemporary romance starts off with the hero and heroine drawing their lines in the sand right out of the gate. They pretty much are at odds throughout the entire story.

Jonas Buchanan put the' A' in Alpha male, he has his own big time construction company and is rich to boot. Cool and remote, but incredibly well put together physically, Jonas is none too pleased when he has to make a personal trip to the home of Mary 'Mac" McGuire.
He finds himself face to face with a five foot nothing waif who stubbornly refuses to sell him the townhouse she inherited from her grandfather to make way for his development.
Mac is an artist, and the two seemingly rub each other the wrong way, not parting on the best of terms.

At a gallery showcasing Mac's work, in walks Jonas Buchanan on the arm of a beautiful woman who turns out to be his cousin. Sparks fly once again between Jonas and Mac, so much so they share a kiss.

Mac is having some problems, someone has broken into her house. Even though nothing is taken, another episode has graffiti left on the walls of her home. Of course, she immediately thinks Jonas is behind these incidents to make her sell up. More heated arguments that just fan the flame of passion.

Sometimes, the hero and heroine snarling away at each other can get tedious very fast, but it seemed to work with these two characters, to a point. Personally, I have a breaking point for this type of relationship, good thing the book ended when it did, I was losing patience with this couple.

Jonas is flummoxed by his feelings, he is actually becoming friends with this woman. He also is floored when he finds out Mac is a virgin, he practically throws her out on her ear. He is not looking for any relationship with any woman, and a virgin would, in his mind, be clingy and needy.

Jonas comes across here as a bit of a prat, and arrogant. But, we soon learn why he is so cold and emotionless at times. I didn't dislike him as much as I thought I might, in fact, he grew on me. His confusion over his feelings and desires endeared him.

Mac was a fine heroine, she speaks her mind, hence some of their arguments. She manages to wiggle her way under Jonas defenses, and by the end of the book, we find out who was behind these attacks on Mac's home, a revelation that has Jonas spinning.
Mac has her own problems, she has fallen in love with the remote Mr. Buchanan, a man, in her mind, not capable of emotion.

As with all Christmas stories, the ending takes place with the backdrop of Christmas, family (Mac's) and warm, fuzzy yuletide feeling.
A pleasant enough read, and if you don't mind your hero and heroine going at it with hammer and tongs, then you should enjoy this semi-sweet Christmas tale.

2 and 3/4 stars out of 4 for the book

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